Red Unicorn Media is a visual storytelling media company that encourages creativity, courage, and confidence in your brand identity.

R- Redefine your brand with a process I’ve created over the last fifteen years. It’s fun and a completely original approach that brings out the best brand traits you have to offer.

U- Understand your customers and strategize a sales and marketing campaign that solves their problems and makes you the hero!

M- Make it happen with a big launch! This is the best part! Share with the world your authentic message and make them a part of your buzz on social media.

Remember, the elements of your brand, website, logo, social graphics, sales pages, ads, ebooks, etc, won’t do anything just because they're cool looking! Everything must have a cohesive look and PURPOSE which puts your customers in the driver's seat for taking action.

Distill your brand into pure visual form and confident communication design.

Red Unicorn Media partners with national + global brands, ad agencies, creative recruiters, and high-level, big energy entrepreneurs. Learn more about Allison.

Humanizing the digital brand identity experience through visually expressive messaging strategies. I believe in happy, thoughtful, and creative ideas. I enjoy watching brands grow and people shine brightly!

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All the best,

Allison Jean
Visual Storyteller & Social Media Strategist | Branding
Artist | Michigander | Dog Mom | Black Coffee
Detroit Metropolitan Area

“Art is the expression of the profoundest thoughts in the simplest way.”

~ Albert Einstein