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“Transform complex messages into simple communication.”

Alley Jean

Graphic Design Artist & Digital Marketing Expert

Hello! I am a graphic design artist & visibility consultant who supports and transforms brands into a confident, creative, courageous, and forward-thinking identities in their respective industry. Intertwining art direction with stellar marketing initiatives is how I roll. #rockstar #creativemarketingsolutions

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Alley Jean is a visual brand identity expert & creative online visibility coach who supports and transforms entrepreneurs and small business owners into a confident, creative, courageous, and forward-thinking leaders in their respective industry. 

She builds visual identities that focus on brand messaging and visibility. Her client outcomes are powerfully authentic, creative, caring, and unique. 

She’s a great listener and works to clarify and identify her clients’ vision. She has a unique and highly creative process that naturally pulls the right answers out of her clients for successful project launches.

Alley Jean is an artist at heart and uses traditional methods in her Michigan studio. Her final outcomes use trendsetting custom techniques that set her clients apart from an ever-expanding and always-changing business world. Some say she is a chameleon in the design world and can work in any brand style.

Communication is very important to her and she works best with clients who are fully goal-driven and excited to work on big changes in their business together! She wants her clients to take charge and responsibility for the brand identity they have and the one they are developing.

She encourages her clients to experiment with outside-of-the-box marketing and sales ideas and she wants you to create the vision of your business from within instead of seeking external “copy/paste” methods.

Alley Jean holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and believes traditional artistic studies lend her a visual advantage and quality that sets her apart from the rest of the design industry.

Having a professional visual brand identity and authentic brand message, consistently, across the board, will streamline and shorten your sales cycle while giving you a professional edge that puts you at the top of everyone’s list. Take your brand identity seriously and watch your entire business take flight!

She shines in visual storytelling, visual branding, online visibility strategies, and modern website design. 


Design. Artistry. Marketing.

Your vision has a look, personality, and voice.

Logo & Color Palettes 

An important piece for your brand identity

Do you feel proud of your visual aesthetics which make up the current look and feel of your business? If not, it’s time to consider having a new color palette and logo custom made for you. (All work can be trademarked.) Your original logo design and color palette will show the world that you’re professional and serious about giving them the solutions they’re looking for. Together we bring your vision to life. The right people will begin to recognize you, refer you, and most importantly… remember you. When you have a unique style that separates you from the crowd it feels great! You will be seen more often and by more people immediately.

Brand Identity

This is your home and holds all the assets that make up your entire look and direction

Do you need a clear and consistent message across the board that gives meaning and visibility to your services or products? Yes? This is your brand identity and it is the foundation of your business and how the public sees and hears you at every level. Your brand identity is made up of several areas. Your brand identity holds your message, target, and all the visual and experiential elements of your business. This is where you shape how your brand is perceived and how to sell and market with alignment to your audience. You will be heard and seen by more people instantly! A brand identity is made up of what your brand says, what your values are, how you communicate your product, and what you want people to feel when they interact it. Essentially, your brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your customers.

Website Design

This is where your audience receives the experience they desire for the solutions they need

Are you looking for a new WordPress website? Give people a polished and professional online experience. This is an important part of your brand identity. I create unique custom one-page layouts for a modern scrolling look at your business layer by layer. It’s responsive for mobile and tablets for a streamlined view. This is the place people will make important decisions about you and decide how you can help them. This is the extension of who you are when you’re not around to tell people in person. It can work for you and share your vision with the world.

Logo Design

Separate yourself from everyone in your industry with a professional and 100% custom logo design that intrigues your potential customers and magnetizes your business in your perfect vision.

What style of logo do you like?

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Art Form Meets Strategy

An approach that is developed not copied.

Everything created is custom”

Alley Jean uses professional graphic design tools such as her iMac, iPad, Wacom tablet, Illustrator, Photoshop, drafting table,  conventional rulers & compass, sketch pad, pencils, pens, markers, and watercolors. She researches everything she creates.

Website Design

Promote your brand identity in a professional, uncluttered, and focused manner. This allows the visitor to make quicker decisions. Capture a modern digital solution for your business.

Red Unicorn Media works with National brands, small business owners, and, start-ups.

The Process

Position your brand at every level

1. Creativity: Custom and original design solutions with an artistic touch. I have a process that has made me a unique mind in the design world. I am a forward thinker while also using traditional techniques that include historic research, sketching, and fun brainstorming sessions. The businesses I have worked with come to me specifically for this original talent I bring for their brand identity.

2. Communication: What is the point of creating something stunning if the message is not there or is not getting through to your audience? Brand storytelling and messaging across all media and platforms are very important to me.

3. Typography: A great follow-up to communication is the visual message and typography speaks volumes! You may have a great photo or video, but if the words on top of that media you use tell a different story the message can be lost or confusing to the viewer.

4. Strategy: A great brand identity starts with the end goal in mind and has a structure and process to get there. Knowing the key facets to what sets you apart from the crowd, how you create the solution, and being able to articulate that clearly with words and visuals while meeting your customer’s expectations is the name of the game!

Custom Logo

Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Bring your vision to life!

The logos Alley Jean creates are 100% custom and will not look like anyone else’s you have ever seen.

  • She doesn’t use templates.
  • She has a unique creative process you go through with her!
  • She will bring that vague idea you have and make it pop out of thin air like a magician!


  1. Virtual screen-share video meetings
  2. A color palette
  3. Custom logo design
  4. Style board
Visual Brand Identity

A co-creation and coaching 1:1 program for your online visual purpose, voice, and brand message along with creative solutions to get you seen more by your customers and elevate your sales and marketing approach.

Website Design

Modern website design using the elegant “one-pager” approach. Includes strategy, optins, integration, brand messaging, graphics/photography, and full optimization with SEO.

“Turn big ideas into reality!”

Brand Identity

Across all media, online and offline, your identity will be felt, heard, and seen by your customers and audience across the globe!

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