I want your business to reflect who you really are... not who you think you should be. 

Be More YOU!

Define your brand by understanding who you are as a person and develop a brand, business, and social media identity that is tied to a marketing strategy that has heart. If this sounds like a waste of your time, this experience is not for you… no hard feelings! 

Human Connection

Understand your customers are human and want a real authentic connection with you. By trusting the world will appreciate you and the value you bring, we will trust you back. Let’s put the heart back into your sales and marketing!

Take Action

Share with the world your brand story and make them a part of your buzz and love on social media! Create and sell a signature service or amazing product that helps people and makes this world a better place to be. 


Being Yourself Takes Courage

I work with brands who want to take the extra step in life to discover their best-self and ultimate vision in life. If you are not into "doing the work" you will not like this process. 


Everyone Is Creative!

If you are a highly creative mind who is fumbling through your online business we need to talk. 


I See You

I know what it is like to go from a thriving career to starting an online business and brand. It is exciting and rewarding but at the same time can be isolating and disappointing. There is so much confusion to fumble through and I don't want you to waste your time or quit. 

Whatever you do in life, please be yourself.

All the best,

Alley Jean
Brand Storyteller | Content Creator & Strategist
Be Yourself Advocate | Artist | Michigander | Dog Mom | Iced Black Coffee ☕️

“Art is the expression of the profoundest thoughts in the simplest way.”

~ Albert Einstein