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Alley Jean

Hello! I am a Brand Identity Unicorn & Web Designer who supports women entrepreneurs with their start-ups and business ideas. Alley Jean is an artist and online marketing professional who works with women all over the world with their online and local business brand identity. She is an artistic soul who is compassionate of what has led YOU to this very moment. She works hard to develop your one-of-a-kind look, feel, voice, message, strategy, and website, so you are SEEN and HEARD in the way you envision. She is a #truthteller and brings a lifetime of outside-of-the-box techniques and special perspectives to pull out the unicorn in you and your business plans. Alley works with women and specializes her services to empower the life and wellness coaching industry, art community, holistic wellness & beauty industry, as well as serving as a great asset to anyone in the creative world. 

“Epic identity design is NOT a copy/paste job! It’s about solving a problem, telling your visual story, attracting your ideal audience, adding color to translate emotions and visuals that encourage action. Work with a unicorn.”

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