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Achieve success and high-end visibility
through purposeful design, marketing, and advertising

Ascend to a whole new level
using my creative expertise

Elevate your credibility through my branding, web design
and visibility services. Assert yourself as a leader in our industry
as I serve to help you develop an inspired vision and purpose.

Experience Red Unicorn Media.
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Meet Alley Jean

An Artist with Strategy!


I am an artist and a lot of my work starts in the traditional sense. Yes, I create brand identities that rival worldwide brands. Actions that result in actual profit! #unicornrebel #badass


Alley Jean is a high-viber, touted as a “creative force that sets the world on fire” and her work has elevated the careers of many creative entrepreneurs. Growing up in a very creative family she found herself immersed in the world of sales and marketing (the apple does not fall far from the tree). Yet she further discovered her own unique talents were enhanced when she obtained a BFA and began working for companies like Rolling Stone, US Weekly, Elle and more.

Corporate life taught her stealth and professionalism, but the experience lacked the impact she was looking for. After many years of choosing either a sales path or an artistic path she felt exhausted and realized that she could combine both worlds, which brought RED UNICORN MEDIA to life. Her work now helps to advance the careers of female entrepreneurs, inspiring them to level up their mindset surrounding their brand identity and visibility so they can manifest the life of their dreams. Alley Jean believes that every woman is the author of her own life and through small adjustments, big changes can easily occur.

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