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Selling to the right people is huge for a successful business. You can’t be everything to everyone. But what if you were so visible that selling was easy?!

Soulful Design Solutions, Outside-Of-The-Box Ideas, Brand Messaging, Storytelling, Visibility Coaching, High-Level 1:1 Support, With A Dash Of Unicorn Courage!

Hello! I am a Brand Identity Designer and Visibility Strategist who supports women entrepreneurs with their BIG start-up ideas and/or business dreams! I am an artist and online marketing professional who works with women all over the world with their online global business brand identity. It is time to be successful and have fun in our life and business in a holistic and loving way!

Learn more about Alley Jean here
Alley Jean is a creative soul who effortlessly brings your vision and message into the light.
She guides you along a 1:1 journey that is both enlightening and creative.
Alley Jean believes in a holistic approach to business and feels the work is never done when it comes to self-reflection and alternative ways to build a better life.
She knows what it is like to be at the beginning of a big idea and how exciting yet daunting it can be.
Alley Jean will co-create your successful and unique business branding, message, and vibe as you both rise to the top together and bring your visions to LIFE!

Alley Jean, Creator of the VisibilityYOU Business Academy and owner of a global media company, Red Unicorn Media, is a creative force of nature.

Uniting women with their courage is a superpower of hers.

She is a creative problem solver that integrates your authenticity and matches your true essence to your purpose.

She has worked for companies like Rolling Stone and considers herself an artist at heart.

She lives on the countryside in Michigan where she works out of her art studio creating art and brands for women in business around the world.

She is also obsessed with Kingsley, her white golden retriever.

Working on her own soul purpose in life has led her to YOU.

  • Brand Identity Specialist
  • Digital & Traditional Artist
  • Online Visibility Coach
  • CBD Lover
  • Dog Mom
  • Believes In Unicorns

Alley Jean of Red Unicorn Media

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The Business Academy Is Open!

Where Women With Dreams Come To Create Abundance.
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Develop your inspired vision now! Take action!

Creative, Strong, and Meaningful Messaging & Brand Stories

Increase Visibility, Awareness & Clients

Have Empowerment Over Your Brand Identity

Find Your Voice!

Visual Credibility That Speaks Your Truth

Get Increased Traffic To Your Website

Establish and Justify Premium Rates

Stand Out From The Crowd

Truly Unique & Original

Finally, Find The Right Words To Say & Write

Obtain More Courage

Sell Futures and Desired Solutions

Assert yourself as a leader in your industry

It All Begins With The Logo

Turn big ideas into your masterwork!

Get Custom “Divi’d!”

All my strategically aligned and customer focused modern websites are build on the Divi platform. Divi, by Elegant Themes, is the only WordPress software I use for my clients because I can so easily hand my coder keys over to you! In my opinion it is more simple to understand, makes changes, and enhance. My clients can understand how to make easy changes to text, images, and blog posts without all the unicorn tears. I also offer a “by appointment only” private screen share tutorial session after you launch your amazing website where I teach you the things you want to know how to do on your site.

This is a great choice for the DIY’er entrepreneur who sometimes just wants to do it herself. I also offer packages for those ladies who just don’t want anything to do with it as a monthly creative and secure maintenance plan. I have been using Divi for 5 years now and all I can say is it just keeps getting easier and better!

They have the BEST customer service and they are always there for us to create whatever our minds can think up! It is flexible, customizable, top of the line, and the best choice for the entrepreneur ready to take her life and business to the next level! WordPress + Divi + Alley Jean = More time, money, and visibility for your purpose and gifts in life!

Look! Even the band, Mumford & Sons, had their website professionally created with Divi. It is the Most Popular WordPress Theme in The World And The Ultimate WordPress Page Builder


Your Beautifully Smart
One Page Website

Transform complex messages into simple communication.

One Page Websites

The beauty of a One Page website is it promotes your brand in an uncluttered laser-focused manner. This allows the visitor to make quicker decisions. Capture a modern digital solution for your business.
Book Your Consultation & Learn More
Which option would you like to explore more deeply?
One-Page Web Design

Finally say something that your website visitors will see, read, and remember.

Your brand messaging is so important and will either capture the attention of your audience or bore and confuse them!

Bloated multi-page websites are not forward-thinking strategies.

Let’s explore how we can say everything visually in the most concise and brand-memorable way to get them to take action!

Whether it is creating an appointment, sharing a blog post, buying your service or product…
let’s do it on one scrolling website page that is user-friendly and responsive for all devices!

Most people are on tablets and phones now.

You are not doing less with this kind of website. This will take you from zero to hero for your customers! Because it is all about them and how your gifts will achieve their best possible results.

Everything is possible with my one-page website solution.

The best part of my one-page web design strategy is you can always take out a layer and insert a new one to test. People will never get “lost” on your site.

Creative clarity is our goal.

Enquire today and make an appointment to meet Alley Jean virtually for more information and all your future possibilities. 

Custom Logo & Color Palette

Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Look and feel like the powerful woman and business that you are!

Bring your vision to life!

The logos Alley Jean creates are 100% custom and will not look like anyone else’s you have ever seen. 

  • She doesn’t use templates.
  • She has a unique creative process you go through with her!
  • She will bring that vague idea you have and make it pop out of thin air like a magician!
  • She will help you own your logo as if you created it yourself!

You are a part of this process in a way you have never heard of or experienced before. 

A logo is a mark that reminds me of how tribal communities think about those special tattoos. They have purpose, experience, and courage! This is a thoughtful and important part of your business that you don’t want to leave up to just anyone.

Enquire today and make an appointment to meet Alley Jean virtually for more information and all your future possibilities. 

Entrepreneur Starter Package

Are you ready to step-up your game and go from cute and small to living life at it’s most potent levels?!

I know you are!

This package is great for an entrepreneur just getting started or someone with a NEW big idea ready to get the ball rolling.

Enquire today and make an appointment to meet Alley Jean virtually for more information and all your future possibilities. 

Brand Identity & Visual Voice Clarity

Your brand identity and visual voice is the main x-factor that your competition has over you!

This is a creative journey that gives you the overall look and feel of your brand new identity online for your business.

We delve deep into storytelling, brand messaging, and outside-of-the-box marketing strategies created just for YOU.

Enquire today and make an appointment to meet Alley Jean virtually for more information and all your future possibilities. 

The Full Entrepreneur Experience

My most valued and prized package for the entrepreneur who is 100% done making excuses about their online business.

Investments begin at $450/Month Usd.

Includes your new logo, branding, social media graphics, website design and strategy along with visibility coaching and creative sales and marketing techniques created just for you.

You receive Alley Jean’s full attention before, during and after your launch.

You have 24/7 email access to ask business-related questions. Enquire today and make an appointment to meet Alley Jean virtually for more information and all your future possibilities. 

I’d love to meet with you & provide you with a gifted brand identity consultation! I work to creatively empower women in the following areas: Life & wellness, coaching, art, holistic healing, design, marketing, and sales. Schedule a time that fits your schedule to meet with me virtually through Zoom video conferencing. I can’t wait to meet you and discuss all the successful possibilities!



Alley Jean – Brand Identity Unicorn & Online Visibility Mentor

aka My Blog

Real-Life Entrepreneurial Stories & Inspirations by Alley Jean

Your Best Visibility Strategy Is Right Here

Visibility is a confusing topic for many people, and today, I want to clear that up for you.

Courageous Women Cry Too

Most of us don’t experience this side of her personality because women at the top are really good at hiding the loose-ends, keeping the screams on the inside, and the unicorn tears from showing.

Momentum Is Magical!

We are not okay with chaos and chance. It's human nature to seek out patterns everywhere. Knowing what's going to happen, or at least being pretty sure of it can be the difference between happy and having a total meltdown for most of us. We are the worlds most...

Your Brain On Loop and How to Change It!

We are not okay with chaos and chance. It’s human nature to seek out patterns everywhere. Knowing what’s going to happen, or at least being pretty sure of it can be the difference between happy and having a total meltdown for most of us.

Taking Flight

The coffee chimes, “done!” and I can’t even remember making it. Getting ready to leave for work has turned into a routine that deep down inside is killing me, but, I swipe on some red lipstick, heels, grab my coffee, and go!

Depression and Creativity

All the nights we wish we could time travel to make it right makes us feel insane and hopeless. Which unfortunately can make creativity and purpose a totally incapable state of being. But that is a lie.

Eliminate Your Worst Traits With Self-Reflection

We all of us have had that moment through self-reflection where we see a trait in ourself that concerns us. We realize at this moment we have had this nasty little trait for some time and it’s a bit horrifying to know how long we were blind to its obvious negative...

Your Emotions in Business Can Crush You

The emotions we run through our body and spirit can destroy us. Especially when you’re refreshing an entirely new level of you and your business or starting out for the first time on a fresh new idea path.

Livestreaming is Hell – Or is it the best thing thing ever?!

If your brand needs more visibility livestreaming is the best way to accomplish this goal. All video shares on social media, your website, emails, and webinars, will get seen 55%+ more views than a traditional post.

How Your Patterns Will Kill Your Business – The Solution is not Simple

With all of the material out there in the world that is easily accessible, I would think everyone should be successful in every area of their life. Why wouldn’t we be? Real life stories, music, books, and people sharing their “secrets” both free and for purchase. The...

How to save your Facebook LIVE and 6 ways to use video for business

Before live-streaming and video took off, my business made 60% less than it does today. Of course, this may include other growth areas in my plan, but for the most part, Facebook LIVE and other live-streaming tools have evolved my business into something that I always...

Take a Mini Social Media Vacation to be Successful in Business – And 14 Symptoms That Are Tell-tale Warning Signs

Take a Mini Social Media Vacation to be Successful in Business – And 14 Symptoms That Are Tell-tale Warning Signs

13 Ways to Get Visible Now

Here are some tips to get you going down a path where you will make money and start being able to deliver your products or services to the world.

Is Your Brand An Empty Shell? – Authentic Identity Crisis

Is Your Brand An Empty Shell? – Authentic Identity Crisis

The Perfect You and The Perfect Me

Are you hiding behind a bunch of requirements, rules, and ideals, that you believe will show off the most perfect representation of who you are and create the life you are dreaming of?

Emotions of Shame Will Destroy Your Business

Feeling Shame? – Your personal life can and will be affected by shame

Visibility is Trust: Foundation pieces to your online business

Visibility in online business and for your overall brand identity is a critical element and needs your attention and trust.

Brand Board Your Color Palette – Video Training!

True story on a soulpreneur journey with her biz, how it negatively affected it and tips you can use right now to avoid that!

I Lied To The Universe – A Soulpreneur Journey Continues

True story on a soulpreneur journey with her biz, how it negatively affected it and tips you can use right now to avoid that!

When Your Loved Ones Don’t Support Your Business

  Not feeling supported in your business. I get it! If you have been following this blog you recently learnt about how I managed to turn things around in one month in my business, going from $65 to $8700 as well as how I moved through the fears of being visible...

The Fear of Being Visible Online

  Last week I shared with you my personal story on how being visible completely change the course of my business. Drowning down in financial stress, becoming visible online helped me go from $64 to $8700 in a month - It was truly epic! I bet by now you understand...

✨? How I went from $64 to $8,700 In One Month ?

  It’s freezing and all I want to do is throw myself under the covers and cry myself to sleep. Staring out of the main window of our house the mail truck drives away and the further he gets the faster my heart races. I know I have to go and get that huge pile of...

How To Deal With Your Competitors

I have had lots of collaborations with other women soulpreneur throughout my online journey. Most of them in my same niche - doing the same things I do! Providing similar services and all. Collaborating with them has been an amazing support for my business growth....

The One Thing Holding Back Your Business

Hey Beautiful Unicorn! There's this concern I hear a lot from my clients in different stages of their business. As a brand strategist and soulpreneur I get it! We all want to look our best and have a very polished image out there.   BUT there is this (apparently)...

How to Find Your Brand’s Color Palette

In today's video I'm talking about how to find the color palette for your brand. Interestingly enough, it is NOT that hard, it is simple actually. And we get to be even more wild in the process - being in nature and all 🙂 I know when looking for inspiration a lot of...

What is Artistic Branding?

  What is Artistic Branding after all and why is it relevant? Why to be artistic anyway and how can this best represent you and your brand?   In today's video I'm clarifying this fuzzy concept about branding.  Topics covered (that you don't want to miss 😉 )...

How Your Studio Space Can UpLevel Your Biz

“Ugh! I can’t even think about doing any work right now!” I said it and I meant it a hundred times over. I thought it and walked right out of my office and thought about everything and anything BESIDES running my business. How could I be so negative and why was I...

How To Sell In a Discovery Call

The Discovery Call can be one of the most intimidating (and crucial!) activity for a soulpreneur in special for those starting out. In today's video you will learn:   How the old fashion way of doing this first call can affect your sale The mindset you need to be...

It’s Not Creative Block

Often times we hear the phrase, "I have creative block." I used to say it too! Now, I have come to realize that it is not a block but an opportunity to listen to my brain, body and soul that it is time for a little break. I talk about this in the video....

16 Ways to Nurture a Thriving Creative Mind

Working on the weekend? What does YOUR workspace look like? Sometimes making an inspirational little setting is what a Soulpreneur needs to keep going and feel good about it. Below are some quick ideas to spruce up your space. 1. Fresh cut flowers *My Favorite! 2....

Need Therapy? Become a Soulpreneur

My entire life has been an uphill battle of learning how to navigate through this world in a successful way. I have tried everything! I have had gym memberships, therapists, diets, all natural living, quit alcohol, taken vitamins, juiced, quit milk, quit wheat, read...

Getting Wild and Visible Online

One of my secrets is that I was not born on the internet. Nope. I am an 80’s baby and my generation was the last one to beat the onset of all the videos, chatting, and nonsense all of our kids are going through now. I always thank the universe for letting me slip by...

Why Becoming an Entrepreneur Saved My Soul

I woke up at 3:00am again and I even took a sleeping pill. Now it’s shower, shave, coffee, smoothie, headache, sitting on my couch going through a million excuses on why I can’t go to work today, makeup, hairspray, teeth whitener, a smoke… it’s early and I am not...

Creative Blocks

Many people ask me how to get over creative blocks. I've had my share. I still do they are just a whole lot smaller and shorter. Here is the secret: Just do it. Do it crying if you have to. Do it as fast as you can. Drop everything and please get your booty in that...

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