Working on the weekend? What does YOUR workspace look like? Sometimes making an inspirational little setting is what a Soulpreneur needs to keep going and feel good about it. Below are some quick ideas to spruce up your space.

1. Fresh cut flowers *My Favorite!

2. Blanky and hot tea/coffee

3. Good instrumental music in the background

4. Pillow or stool to prop up those feet

5. Candles, inscents or essential oils

6. A very comfortable outfit

7. Indulgent special snacks like macadamia nuts, dark chocolate or figs

8. Inspiration within arms reach such as good books, sketch pads, crystals, shells, journal and magazines

9. Salt lamp to set the mood

10. Sound machine

11. Pinned inspirational images to your board

12. Mini games like Simon or that spiral wheel game thing. Find these at toy stores!

13. A fan to create a nice breeze

14. Beautiful objects

15. Pillows to prop your back up

16. Lots of water with flavored ice cubes

Tip: sometimes creating your space starts with a good hour of organizing to set free stagnant energies. Sage away!