There’s always going to be someone out there that wants to tear down your greatness. It usually happens quickly and without warning. Are you emotionally ready for that?! Here are 20 quick tips to get you through the surprise attack:

1. Do take it personally but don’t fall apart. Be happy that they’ve finally revealed the true nature of their deceit.
2. Get excited that you have the opportunity to evaluate your gate policy. A gate policy is a small internal checklist that takes in the good and rejects the bad.
3. Get in touch with your bestie so you have support and laughter around such an emotional event. It’s not your fault and your bestie knows how to get you through it.
4. Get some chocolate and screw whatever diet your on. Nothing wrong with getting your brain happy on some of the best stuff ever invented during a mini crisis.
5. Take a day or two off from the grind to give yourself a chance to heal. Practice self care and shake out the demons.
6. Remove this person who attacked you from everything in your life. Email, social media, phone number…everything. Someone who dishonors your trust doesn’t really deserve to have access to you in any way, shape or form.
7. Send out love to everyone and fill your life up with all the positive things that have gotten you this far. Love and be loved to everyone. *even that one person. Try!
8. Release the negative stories and icky feelings you’ve started to create because of this event. It’s what they want so don’t give in to it.
9. Check your radar and notice how much more clear it is since the event. Wow! No one is going to get through your updated gate this time!
10. Realize that yes someone else may make it through your gate again. Lol. But know that you’ll be experienced in how to handle it all.
11. Be cool. Don’t freak. Don’t let them see you sweat! This isn’t a robbery it’s just someone with low emotional intelligence.
12. Eat chocolate ?❤️?
13. Do something super visible and epic to get your mind off the situation and get back to greatness. Finish your course, write a book, open up shop, create a new service or invest in up leveling your biz.
14. Don’t engage with this person moving forward no matter how nice you are. The moment you do it will start everything over again.
15. Don’t close up. There’s a difference between closing up and having a higher level of awareness when inviting people into your life.
16. Don’t journal about it. Yep, I said it. DON’T. What’s done is done. Move on quickly. The more you wallow and evaluate the more connected you stay in the situation.
17. Feel that freedom yet?! Yep, you just broke free from a real shit experience. Don’t be sad be glad. Yep, I just quoted an old garbage bag commercial on purpose and with great intent.
18. Whatever confidence and security this person has taken from you was yours to give. So take it back! They don’t own your feelings.
19. Block block block block block block block!
20. You are love. You are light. Everything about you is super filled delight!??