Art creates space for the creative mind to widen and explore. It relaxes your cells and gives you more to work with when you’re ready to write or accomplish any project at hand that requires creative thinking.

Creativity is like a romance. You can’t rush right into it. Our creative brains need foreplay to be at its peak performance.

Here are my top things I do to get in the mood and pull more out of my soul than if I forced it.*in no particular order1. Local art gallery
2. Art and craft boutiques
3. Farmers market
4. Art fair
5. Garden or nursery
6. Instrumental music concert (Classical, Jazz, blues, chill, soundscapes)
7. Renaissance Festival
8. A play or opera event
9. Watching glass blowing
10. Museum
11. Cooking a foreign recipe and learning of its origins
12. Walk in the forest
13. Dancing
14. Barnes & Noble
15. Taking up a craft or art class
16. Documentaries on famous creatives
17. Traveling
18. Guided meditation/breathing/Buddhist temple (if you have one in your area. If not you can find a guided meditation elsewhere. The actual temple is an experience that can alter everything)
19. Taking a bath
20. Singing bowls
21. Swimming *My favorite and most resisted for no reason but my own stubborn habits*
22. Drumming
23. Gardening
24. PhotographyYOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT AT ANY OF THESE THING. ALLOW FOR IT TO BE EXPERIENCED AND HAVE FUN.All of these activities have helped me on more than one occasion take a break from reality and responsibility. By doing so I found the creativity came easily in its own divine timing.This is part of the wonderful
world of LOVE • L I F E • F L O W Raise your vibes and success by incorporating more creativity into your life and home?Raise your vibes?

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