1. You don’t feel like your work is being honored or there is gratitude and respect for the process. Something is missing! You are not excited at all anymore.
2. Their email pops up and you get “that” feeling inside.
3. You cannot wait for the journey to be over!

Ways you can fix this pronto!

1. Fire your client. This is your life not theirs. They invested in you for a reason and that was not to make you feel like shit.

2. Finish out the journey as quickly as possible and take notes along the way. Often times we knew in the beginning this wasn’t quite right. Make sure you recognize those red flags and the way your body felt when you first started. Next time when they arise you’ll know better!

3. Make a short list and stick it to your computer. Make sure your potential clients meet all YOUR requirements before exchanging money.

4. Meet all new clients in person by Skype or Zoom. I cannot stress this enough! You need to know who your working with. Phone calls are old fashioned. Lol ?

5. Don’t be lured into a biz relationship by money or the desperation for it. This never works out.

6. Learn to wait before jumping into anything. What’s a couple of hours going to hurt?! It will take consistency before being able to trust your intuition and natural instinct in the moment.