About Her

Alley Jean

“Everything about you vibrates through your business”

“Whatever you do in life, be yourself.”

That’s the motto I live by… my heart beats to the natural splendor of life and resonates through who we really are, no matter what we are working on.

Do you ever feel like the world is trying to sell you 24/7? I do! It’s a jungle out there and if you are not being preyed upon by salesy and sleazy marketing techniques, you’re being told about some new tool or marketing technique that will make you a 20k a month!

I think it is vital to who we are as human beings to live life in a way that connects us deeply to who we are and transcend through our work and the people we meet and collaborate with.

When we are comfortable with ourself and filled up with Creativity, Courage & Confidence, we attract the best people and opportunities into our life.

When we are genuine in how we present ourself, our process, the tools we use to run a business, and our social media brand identity, IT IS EASY TO FIND THE ANSWERS WE ARE LOOKING FOR.

When you finally have had enough of the show the world puts on,

When you finally want to say and do things in your life that feel like flow and fun doing what you do best,

I am here.

I teach it.

I inspire it.

I am living proof it works.

Run your business with heart and sincere and unapologetic passion.

Be yourself and show your customers exactly what that means to you because they want to know YOU and your brand deeply.

You are not going to look bad, mess up, or not do it right… you are going to do it YOUR WAY. But don’t wait until the end of your life to do it all your way… the way it always was supposed to go.

There’s a song about that right here.

Business is who you are…

If the only reason you are in business is out of desperation, getting rich, or because that’s what your parents did… please leave me out of the equation. I politely will dance away at this moment and leave you to that kind of life. 🙂

When you know who you are and how that works for your business… life gets flowy. 

All I know is the moment I began…

– Having fun

– Working on my personal growth

– Understanding my personality and natural archetype behaviors

– Believing in myself and leaving judgment behind

– and finally, understanding how fleeting life really is…

I began to feel like I had rainbows in my pockets!

There is a video about this right here… Listen to how I feel.

Maybe your video would be AC/DC, Oasis, or some of The Beatles. We can do that!

When I am not running
Red Unicorn Media…

You’ll undoubtedly find me on the water kayaking, flying downhill on a bike, (or walking it up a big hill exhausted! lol!) or walking my love, Kingsley, through state lands here in Michigan. Whenever I find myself drained or in need of great ideas, I just grab my hat, my dog, my cold coffee and I am off! Nature is vital to my problem solving and lust for life.

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