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Your brand has a visual story that needs to be told 

Allison Jean

Visual Storyteller & Social Media Strategist | Branding | Artist | Michigander | Dog Mom | Black Coffee ☕️ Detroit Metropolitan Area

I have worked for amazing companies in publishing and real estate and learned from the very best what goes into creating + launching a marketing and sales initiative that powerfully vibrates throughout the world in every media corner and on every social media channel. I also know not every business desires to work with a large advertising company to fulfill their brand’s vision.  Red Unicorn Media is a global remote support hub that fills the gap with all of your creative brand, website, and social media identity needs. The work created here is passion-filled and will help your brand to stand apart from the pack without having to dish out 20k every time you have a new project to bring to life. It’s my mission is to support businesses that want the freedom to create more growth and visual impact in the digital realm in the most creative and courageous ways! We are not here to follow the status quo because you and I both know that doesn’t work anymore. Have Red Unicorn Media support your creative business projects in digital marketing, advertising, and brand identity work today to stand out from the crowd!

Think Differently and they will come…

I work hard to recognize and remedy the stale corporate approach to social media messaging and brand storytelling with scroll-stopping visuals and curated “on-brand” graphic design strategies to set business identities apart from the rest of the world. Being courageous to do and think differently than the rest is not easy but will produce the best results you have ever seen! This is a moment in business history where it is critical we show up in the most authentic and creative way possible so we can quiet the noise and be SEEN by the right people. 


Color Psychology For Business

I am BIG into the power of color because it influences action within your audience members’ brains! The colors you use in your social media graphic shares, on your website, in your logo, and throughout all your advertising and marketing should match your goals and make sense for you and your customer. I have spent my life studying the effects of color in business and I want to bring my knowledge to your project.


Humanize your brand

Humanizing the digital space through outside-of-the-box brand identity design experiences and visually expressive messaging strategies is my soul’s passion! Every remote digital area of the web can be a place where your customer gets to know your brand and your business culture better. It creates trust and intrigue that will turn into converted sales that solve problems for your customers. When you humanize your brand for your customer, they become more than a customer, they will talk about you, feel like they know you, refer you business, and become a brand ambassador. Now more than ever, our customers want to trust they are making a good choice. Make that choice easy!


I LOVE creating custom work through traditional and digital illustrations and hand-lettering! 

Nature = creative bursts and aha moments!

When I am not standing at my digital graphic art station or putting paint down on canvas you’ll undoubtedly find me on the water kayaking or walking Kingsley through state lands here in Michigan. Whenever I find myself drained or in need of great ideas, I just grab my hat, my dog, my cold coffee and I am off! Nature is my solution to almost any problem.

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“Curiouser and curiouser!”

~ Alice