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Art is not
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At the soul level, Red Unicorn Media and Alley Jean stand with you as an advocate when you feel the urge deep down to do something artistic, rebellious, original and full of courage. I help you to take that excitement you feel about the future and mold it into that special something.

I manage your brand creatively and intelligently and fun enough to make you laugh throughout the process.  This happiness is a sign that I am balanced, healthy, in control and ready to take on every single project whole-heartedly. Because I give so much 1:1 connect to my clients, I do not accept every entrepreneur who strolls through my message banks and this journey is not open to just anybody. It is a multi-layered, VIP experience perfected over many, many years.  It’s also a fun, unique, eye-opening journey filled with AHA moments. Once we begin the process, you will not be able to believe you ran things without me! It is a multi-layered fun, unique, eye-opening journey.

Meet Alley Jean

Hi! I’m Alley Jean, Founder of Red Unicorn Media and Creator of my online course, the VisibilityYOU Business Academy. I’ve worked for big brands like Rolling Stone, US Weekly, Men’s Journal, Elle, Car & Driver, Home and Garden, America’s Biggest Loser, and even once was a crucial factor in helping connect the Michigan Military, Home Depot and a charity I was helping pro bono to win $100,000 within a matter of 3 days to assist soldiers with PTSD.

Uniting people and making goals possible is a superpower of mine. I now dedicate my life to support women entrepreneurs from the seed stage of their business and ideas to fruition. You can become a powerhouse brand identity that has a strategy, message, story, and online visibility presence that people follow and adore! I am a creative problem solver that integrates your authenticity and matches your true essence to your career.

I am an artist and eccentric free-thinking “unicorn” that is fueled on stardust, Kombucha, and avocados while I get lost in my art studio in my inks, sketches, and paintings that I turn into modern brand identities while listening to the Stones “Little Red Rooster,” the “Watchtower” by Dylan and Jimmy, Oasis, Elle Fitzgerald, Fiona Apple, or maybe a bit of The Temptations… and ALWAYS Elvis, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys. (in that order)

I scout the world and the universal vibes for my truth within and inspire others not to have the “sheep” mentality. I like to be uncomfortable in a sense and challenge the fuck out of life and anyone in my circles of community online and off. I have a way of telling someone they are screwing up in the best possible light that helps them listen and take action. I create consciously and purposefully.

I claim to be the best in the world at what I do because it makes me feel good and fills my serotonin counter for the day or the month. I suggest you start saying something significant about yourself to the world too! The more we *don’t* say, the harder life becomes. I’ve learned this. Having high confidence is not always a bad thing like some women claim. Ego can be, and it ignites success. I mean, have you ever heard a lead singer to a rock band say he *thinks* he is doing good, rather than saying he is fucking amazing?! Let’s celebrate life and all of the possibilities!

My Process is Unique, Creative, & Heart-Focused. Business’s Run on Emotional Responses

Alley Jean is a Brand Identity Architect, Web Designer, Online Business Strategist, Online Visibility Mentor and Artist who helps female entrepreneurs and small business owners to transform their dreams into a thriving business system, brand, message, culture, and solution for their ideal clients. Her client outcomes are powerfully authentic, creative, caring, and unique.

She excels in visual storytelling, fun global visibility strategies, purposeful branding, website creation, and online social media marketing is where she shines.

She listens to clarify and identify her clients’ vision to take it to the center stage. When the entire process is complete, her clients feel excited and in full control of their messaging and next steps.

Alley Jean is an artist at heart. She develops projects including logo design, color palettes, and book cover art. She uses a traditional art studio process and then modernizes it with trendsetting techniques.

Alley Jean holds a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts and believes traditional artistic studies lend her and her clients a visual advantage and quality that sets her creative process apart.

Increase Visibility, Awareness & Clients

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Create Strong Messaging & Creative Identity Stories

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Look & Feel Like A Player In The Big Leagues

Stand Out From The Crowd. "OWN IT!"

Own Something Truly Unique + Original

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Stand In Your Power

Your Time Is NOW

Support & Uplift Your Lifestyle Through Visual Credibility

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