About Her

Alley Jean is a digital brand identity designer & creative marketing strategist.



I am Alley and I help companies with brand consultation, visual graphic arts for print and digital media marketing, design, layout, WordPress, and online visibility with confidence and creativity.

I enjoy collaborating with bright and elegant minds from around the world. I love working on big projects with lots of moving parts.

I work remotely under Red Unicorn Media as a freelance professional and have great discipline, integrity, and respect for all my work. I am grateful for the opportunities that have shaped my life and others throughout my career.

What does she do?

She builds marketing campaigns, visual user experiences, creative brand messaging, and creative design solutions. Her outcomes are compelling, authentic, creative, caring, and unique. #integrity

She shines in visual storytelling, visual branding, online visibility and marketing strategies, and modern website design. #creativemachine

She’s a great listener and works to clarify and identify the vision. She has a unique and highly creative process that naturally pulls the right answers out of seemingly thin air for successful project launches. #patience

Trendsetting custom creative techniques and outside of the box practical business strategies that work set her work and skills apart from an ever-expanding and always-changing business world. #trendsetter

Communication is essential to her, and she works best with people who are fully goal-driven and excited to work on solutions together! #thrivelifestyle

  • Develop your marketing strategy
  • Extend your brand identity
  • Engage with your customer more on social
  • Set yourself apart with intriguing custom visuals
  • Tell your brand story and support more customers
  • Digital marketing
  • Strengthen your message and presence online and offline globally
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Present with confidence
  • Digital and print


The art of letters is a big deal for her.

Sometimes, she even hand-letters the work she does. Letters have a personality and vibe that tell people how to feel about what they are viewing. It is an important part to any brand identity!

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, you can find Alley Jean working away in her studio. Half of her studio is for the digital work she does. She loves techie gadgets and has things like the Blue digital microphone, to her favorite Wacom tablet that she draws and digitally paints and letters with, to her Sony A55 camera.

Venture on over to the bookcase for tons of old art history books, nick-nacks, old rolling stone magazines from the ’60s and ’70s, fossils, nature guides, poetry, fiction books from the likes of Anne Rice and Dan Brown, alongside science textbooks about minerals, geography, and black holes.

Picture watercolor sketches and paintings pinned deliberately to the wall and lots of orchids, cacti, and bonsai are taking in the sun rays every day.

Anything that feels like inspiration is neatly put in its place here to give my projects a life that is created with curiosity and fun! There is always a kraft sketchbook nearby for notes, sketches, wordplay ideas and more!

Proceed on over to my art area which starts with my glass drafting table and white lights lamps. The white light is important because it is where I check the color of my work and make sure it is quality and exactly what I am looking for. The glass is great for quick 1-color watercolor sketches for brainstorming before I head into the computer world. “I definitely have a “thing” for traditional graphic design processes and root my projects in lots of those ideals, values, and solid research sessions. I even head to the library on a monthly basis. A well-rounded approach to everything I do is me being a perfectionist but also someone who genuinely cares about my clients and the integrity I back for the brands I work for.

She is also inspired by going to concerts, museums, art galleries, small markets, antique stores, historic homes, the movies, hiking, lakeside, bonfires, playing acoustic guitar, listening to Zepplin, and walking the streets of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.