About Her

Visual Designer


About me

I transform complicated information into clear visual communications that tell stories and create scroll-stopping experiences for brands around the world. I work remotely under Red Unicorn Media as a freelance professional with brands around the world. I get the job done and have a great time doing it!

What I think about…

I’ve developed a healthy obsession extracting what’s truly real and important for brands to share with their audience. Distilling the message into pure visual form is what I love to do! I work hard to recognize and remedy the stale corporate approach to social media and brand storytelling with scroll-stopping visuals and curated “on-brand” graphic design to set business identities apart from the rest of the world. 


Color psychology in business

I am curious about how I can work in an emotional response to business applications using color. It’s important for me to take the time to look at color swatches and do the research for stellar outcomes!


Humanize your brand

Humanizing the digital space through outside-of-the-box brand identity design experiences and visually expressive messaging strategies is my soul’s passion!


While not every brand needs an artistic look & feel, I will always lay down pen to paper and start in an “old-school” way with all my projects. sketching and storyboarding with extensive creative research that has been developed over the past 18 years is my creative process.

This is because I find when I take the time to research, sketch, color, paint, and, create before heading straight into the computer programs, I experience more success and a deeper knowledge of the brand I am working with. 


I possess a spectrum of skills which influence my visual design work: Brand positioning, logo design, web design, story-telling, presentations, Livestreaming, blogging, sales funnels, course creation, social media, copywriting, automation, color psychology, typography, illustration, digital and physical package and mock-up design, motion, and print and web layout.

“Curiouser and curiouser!”

~ Alice