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Brand You.
Be Your Truth.


What does it mean to “hide behind your brand” and are you doing it? Well to reveal a little secret to you, even though I am the professional here (and I am amazing!) I too have taken refuge behind a logo, a sketch and a business name. It felt easier to build something beautiful that stood to tell the truth of the nitty gritty that made up the “behind the scenes’ work at Red Unicorn Media rather than sharing my own face and image. I talked myself into the idea that no one wanted to “know” me or my point of view and that they were just looking for someone to fulfill their needs through my services, end of story. But, the reality is that we live in an age where we feel more and more disconnected from life and we each have a growing need to know the people behind the services.

The people like YOU!  As society digs deeper into a “digital life” we demand to know the stories behind our favorite brands and we make decisions and place out trust on people based on how well we feel we are aligned with them as actual human beings.  It really doesn’t matter what you sell or how you accomplish providing your services, we want to love you, feel inspired by you and to place our trust in you to provide us services that enhance our lives or businesses.

I sense in reading that last bit of information, most of you might feel immediately deflated as if there is nothing inspiring about you or that your story is not worth being told. I am here to tell you today “Stop fucking around and talking down your worth. Yes, we do want to see you and know you.  That vibe you keep feeling deep down inside is not random and you know it.  You are a unicorn who deserves visibility for all the wonderful things that are truly worth viewing and I can create an online visual environment that is truly aligned with you, your audience and the world” #Boom

Your truth is what we want.  Your ideal client is looking to witness YOU.  She is waiting for you to really stand up for who you are, open up your arms and receive them and fill their lives with all of the gifts you have to offer this world. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you’re here for a reason. I create luxury VIP 1:1 experiences that elevate your branding. You get it all including a fully realized vision.

Classic Brand Identity Pkg.


– In-depth strategy sessions *2-4 at most
– Mockup meetings using Zoom video chat allow for that ‘in-person’ feel and connection
– Unlimited follow-up Zoom video chat meetings to fulfill your completed vision
– Customized original logo featuring original color palette and texturing using traditional art methods
– Your own brand board! Don’t know what a brand board is? Check it out by clicking HERE
– A custom art piece inspired by the process of your logo is gifted
to all clients
– Commercial license font purchase for branding, web, and print
– Social media cover art for use on 3 channels of your choice
– Email header with custom signature
– Business Card or T-Shirt Design
– Social media templates you can use to share your brand voice
– Custom art
– Commercial license font purchase
– Custom fine art mailed to home when package is complete

“Your brand embodies the essence of you and your business. It’s not *just* a logo or color palette. It’s the emotion and unspoken message you give as an overall identity that tells your story. It gives you the POWERS to lead in your industry *before* you even meet your ideal clients who have been looking at you for months. What will push them off the fence to finally trust in you and be so excited to invest? A STRONG visibility with consistent brand messaging and an alluring look and feel that speaks to them personally. It shows who you are with a spotlight so we can all SEE you amongst the thousands of others.”

Brand Identity with Purpose

You were NOT meant to play small




This is not a game of “Let me convince you of what I think is best!”
I offer a heart-centered approach and feel it is most critical
to empower YOU to find your own voice.




  • 2-4 Strategy sessions
  • Business questionnaire 
  • Brand inspire board creation
  • Research
  • Sketching
  • Color psychology
  • typography
  • Styling



  • Color palette
  • Official logo 
  • Logo icon
  • Alternative logo
  • Illustrations + textures
  • Print & digital files 
  • “On Brand” share templates
  • Consistent social look & feel 



  • Launch day strategy session
  • Visibility workshop 
  • Creative launch day plan of attack
  • Complete file transfer
  • Social media calendar
  • Wrap-up meeting


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My reputation
precedes me…

“Alley is amazing… she is great at what she does and she requires very little direction. Once I completed my mood board with her she took over and nailed it… I would definitely recommend her to others and her energy is so uplifting.”

Erica Hill

Generational Money & Wealth Mentor™

“Alley is by far one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. I was blown away in our initial meeting. She is so creative, forward-thinking, and inquisitive.

She’s the real deal!

Valerie Echter

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

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