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Alley Jean runs a vibrant, creative, and supportive Facebook group of 650+ female entrepreneurs. Read more about it below.

About the VisibilityYOU Business Incubator Facebook Group

Group description: VisibilityYOU Business INCubator on Facebook is a free creative business group for women who are ready to rise with no excuses and learn to have fun building their dreams and their confidence up.

Hi, I’m Alley Jean the creator and leader of this group. I’m here to help you more often and in greater depth than your average Facebook group. I’m a brand identity specialist, web developer, artist, public speaker, visibility, PR mentor and a total unicorn! If there is a leader in your heart and a passionate and magical flame burning inside that says “I welcome abundance and will do what it takes to design a life I love!” Then you’re perfect for this group!


This is a playgroup to test and perfect everything from your brand story to new technology. Experiment here and bring the best version of YOU to your audience afterward!

 Promotions allowed once per day.

 Blog posts allowed always. Express yourself!

 We discuss everything from sex to manifesting to web design to brand identity to healthy body healthy business to our fun weekly challenges to get you outside of your head and polishing up your mindset around really being yourself on camera.

 No judgment here at all! 

Time to step into the spotlight of the world and be the focus this year! Let’s create a buzz together!

xoxo 🦄💋🤩♓️👑🚀



Founder of Red Unicorn Media
Creator of VisibilityYOU Business Incubator Academy 


VisibilityYOU is a free business incubator group on Facebook for women who are ready to rise with no excuses!

Let’s stop stressing out and start having fun with our business! Life is for living not worrying!

We would be thrilled and excited for you to join us!

A group where women at all levels of online business feel welcomed to “get messy” and “play” with their voice, new technology, branding, web design, marketing and sales tactics, graphics, social presence, Livestreaming, creative story-telling and more! There is no judgment here, only supportive females ready to imperfectly play with their business so they can bring a refined and confident version they approve of to their audience and group. We love promoting and encourage it once a day too! There are weekly Livestream challenges that are out-of-the-box and creative calls to action so you can strengthen your comfort core and really trigger the emotions of your audeince instead of yourself. Positivity and laughter is our medicine and the group is filled with leaders and beginners alike!

VisibilityYOU Business Incubator
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You can join my group for free in exchange for your fear and bs stories. Come fall down the rabbit hole with us! Group description: VisibilityYOU Bu...

Thursday Video Challenge EVERY WEEK

There are no hard and fast rules because we are connecting, practicing, sharing and feeling safe about going LIVE. And if your Livestream turns into a promo it does.

Why is streaming important to you and your business? Great question!

BUSINESS: People work with someone because they trust who they are. After the trust kicks in the impact of that increases their idea of your value personally and professionally. It gets you seen as if you had a meeting with these mystery people who will watch you. It helps other business owners and the average person see you differently and influence them in a positive way. It increases your ability to speak better about what you do, who you are, and why you matter. Going LIVESTREAM will kick your momentum’s ass and give you a ticket on the Express to success.

PERSONALLY: It’s not all about business when it comes to livestreaming. I’ve experienced deep friendships, blocks being removed, growth and inner development go from 0 to a total shift, and opportunities galore! The biggest value I hold is the way it has healed me and taken my mind and life on a road that at a certain point seemed impossible. I’m serious.

SIDE NOTE: Livestreaming has changed my life in so many ways. It’s opened the door to so much goodness and helped me work on myself in ways that normally might take years of therapy. If you’re avoiding it because of any reason you’re avoiding more greatness in your life. Rip off the band-aid and show up in all your real and imperfection glory! I did and it was worth it.

I know what it is like to come online and have everything look sparkly and shiny and filled with “must-have” “must-do” and our “to-do’s!” It is overwhelming no matter how outgoing and excited you are to conquer the world. Sales pages, branding, websites, story-telling, social media graphics, profile pages, SEO, creative collaborations, webinars, courses, groups, likes, blocks, follows, podcasts, blogging, leadership, inspirations, writing, brand identity, books, retreats, coaching, and more! (I almost lost my breath there!) and guess what? It is all important to your bottom line, success, and visibility online and off. BUT NONE OF IT WILL FEEL RIGHT IF YOU ARE NOT IN COMMAND OF YOUR ONLINE CONFIDENCE! and what kills our confidence? A lot. It could be that every single time you go livestream lately you lose your train of thought or for some reason it gets cut off. It could be that you don’t know how to create relationships gloablly. It could be that you are trying to do all the above on your own AND at the same time. It could be a whole lot of stuff. What we do in our facebook group is have fun and experiment with all of this so that your mindset is strong and happy. So that you are making choices instead of letting all of us tell you what you need to do and need to say. Because in the end it is your business and if you are waiting for me or some other expert or specialist to finally say the right words or for you to have enough money to make it happen… you’re hopping down the wrong bunny trail! It all begins with experiementing in the most imperfect way and testing it all out and feeling safe and strong with what works for you. Livestreaming may turn out not to be your sweet spot… so what is? Let’s find out together and have a good time doing it!

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Showing up can sometimes feel like we are being a “show off” and we are taught to not feel good about that. Sure, leading with ego and getting wrapped up emotionally in everything YOU might be going too far.

But what about the woman who is only known as mom, wife, assistant, etc? Most of us have led lives that have been centered around everyone else’s goals but our own. We have been selfless and giving. We share. We are polite. We have grace. But inside? We are bored, exhausted, irritated, and dreaming of a life that feels more like what we thought about years and years ago. Things are not looking like we had hoped. Right? 

So then, once we stand in our power and take some “me” time, the world snaps at us and says ego ego ego? Screw that! Take care of you and please do tell us who you are and what you do. How the hell are you supposed to be successful and visible if you’re not allowed to show up in the world exactly the way you envision and as much as you want? Confidence is not ego.

Self-respect, lots of confidence, and emotional intelligence are beautiful. Be more YOU then anyone can handle! Please tell the naysayers to calm their pretty little heads about it too. Feel good about showing off.

A message to you about our group

Meet me and find out what I think about the group and visibility. I was scared at first and then after I became comfortable I began realizing that old perfectionist habits stopped me.

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