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Welcome to finally creating a fun, happy, and confident business online and in your heart! The VisibilityYOU group was initially formed for women, already online, to support their social media experience by giving them emotional, and industry supports globally. What I have found in talking to so many people here locally in Michigan is that the online world, social media, and running a business around the world is a whole lot harder, mysterious, and draining than most people have the patience and willpower for. I bring clarity in not only running an online business but also to have the emotional support and technical “know-how” to really take your dreams from small hobbies or misunderstood business plans to a beautifully designed life that brings you freedom and joy!

A message to you about our group

Hi, I’m Alley Jean And I’m A Recovering Perfectionist.

We Have A Monthly Theme To Keep

Our Business Vibes On Track!


  • June Vibe: Fame, Fortune, and Adventure!
    June Topic: Bringing Out Your Inner Marilyn
    June workshop/study: Learn to intuitively tap into your inner superstar power!

  • July Vibe: Summertime Momentum
    July Topic: Something New!
    July workshop/study: Work to create something new in your business to gain momentum while still having a fun Summer! A discussion on introducing an in-depth study into an area of your business and why this is important. Let’s make some decisions and get creative together!

  • August Vibe: VisibilityYOU Queendom
    August Topic: Overcoming the Shared Fear of Being in the Spotlight
    August workshop/study: Create a video promotion and/or go LIVE online and be interviewed about your business by Alley Jean for five to ten minutes each. Let’s get visible together and have fun doing it!

  • September Vibe: High Spirits & Visibility Enlightenment
    September Topic: Happiness & Purpose
    September workshop/study: What creative steps can we create through fun pivots and leaps of perspective to get much closer to our dreams?

  • October Vibe: Unmasking Your Hidden Talents
    October Topic: Masks
    October workshop/study: Taking Off Your Mask!

  • November Vibe: Color Spectrums of Business
    November Topic: Color Psychology
    November workshop/study: Color Workshop for Personal & Business

  • December Vibe: Sexy Hot Hot Hot
    December Topic: How to stay hot in business during the holidays
    December workshop/study: 2020 0Vision Board Workshop

Meet Me In Person At Our Local VisibilityYOU Group!

Join Us In Howell, Michigan Every First Thursday at 2:00 PM

Our monthly meeting is on the 1st Thursday of every month at Finding Roots, in Howell, Michigan.

RSVP & Register by calling: 517-295-4673
Register in person: 111 N. Michigan Avenue Howell Mi 48843.
Register online: We Meet At Finding Roots

I am there every month for walk-ins as well. Join us for our local in-person get-together!

Thank you,

Alley Jean

Brand Identity Unicorn & Michigan Native!

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