I love the color red. It is in my business name, Red Unicorn Media. I always wear red lipstick. (Thank you Marilyn?)

I have red ballerina slippers. Red toaster. Red jeans. Red clothes. Red, red, red! Why? Because it really shows the energy and vitality I bring as a creative media company. It stands out in the crowd and says look. At. Me. The spotlight on a place that puts a spotlight on YOU!

 I even color my hair red and love the whole naughty redhead girl complex. It’s a fun story why not go with it!

Red is one of the most popular colors in the world. Used in everything from sexy lingerie to the universal “stop” light. It’s provocative, warm, bursting with energy, bright and deep, loving and known for love, brilliant, feverish and all things juicy!

It was used extensively throughout every single age in human history because of its intrigue factor. It comes in so many shades and pairs well with berries, cherries, oranges and yellows!

Something red is defined by thesaurus.com as: any of various colors resembling the color of blood; the primary color at one extreme end of the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 610 and 780 nanometers.

It’s used to define gangs, politics, blood, police car lights and emergencies! Don’t press the RED BUTTON! Yikes! 

According to ME, makes seem to go abut haywire for red on a female. That is a great color to attract a man. Or really grab their attention! 

This color and it’s relatable shades have made a BIG impact on the human race. We recognize it and love it. It feeds on our emotions and triggers us to feel. 

All colors have moods and can speak and direct people without words or a voice. It directs us to buy things. It can warn us of impending danger. It can lift us up and make us laugh! 


When thinking about your brands color palette, what your going to wear to that important speaking engagement or what shade of red you’ll use for your living room there is a lot to think about.


Look deeper into the awareness of your body and how it feels when you look at certain colors. What are they telling you? Color has been used in non-traditional therapy for wellbeing and psychological recovery for a long time. When you start to explore what you’re trying to achieve and why, apply those thought to colors that evoke those appropriate responses. 

Colors are powerful in your life. Are you using them to your advantage?


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