She is a brilliant badass of the world who hides behind a persona that was built on fear, perfection, and roles we made for her a long time ago. She seemingly has it all, and we wish we had more of what she has. We write her story every single day down here while she takes on her responsibilities and creates magic in 100% flow and pure joy.


Courageous women are afraid of many things and don’t get credit for it. They go through life fearless and quickly, unlike everyone else who has such a difficult time and tells all of us about it.

The ones who need the most help in life usually don’t get it because in our eyes they are doing great! Everyone around her genuinely believes she has it more manageable and can get through any kind of turmoil. Often she does not receive the emotional support she needs and can even feel lonely when surrounded by the people who love her the most.

When things go wrong for her, and she reaches out, often the response is so below expectations that she tries to never show this imperfect and weak side of her again to the world. Her rare moment of open vulnerability might be her last visibly authentic window, and most of us miss this urgent smoke signal she makes for us. Most of us don’t experience this side of her personality because women at the top are really good at hiding the loose-ends, keeping the screams on the inside, and the unicorn tears from showing.

We create a story and a role for her because we know everything, right?! We know she is more than okay! I mean, look at her! She is so rich, sparkly, says all the right things, is the best mom, has more hours in the day than we do, AND finds time to have perfect health. She definitely doesn’t need our help, we need hers!

Maybe not.

Maybe, she is as frightened as you about not meeting expectations or fulfilling what she believes is her purpose in life. She feels out of touch, and she ignores all the red flags because she has reached out before, and it makes her feel worse! No one gets her. She even feels guilty that she doesn’t have enough gratitude for what she has built in life. She knows her status and pushes all the feelings down and resumes her role even though her soul is becoming worn, torn, and tattered on the inside.

Why doesn’t anyone really know her or want to help her? Why can’t she just tell the world how much she values them and that she needs their help? Why does she wear a mask? Why does she think she has to hold up such a perfectly stoic sensibility and strength for everyone but herself? Why can’t anyone see past all her sparkly facades?

It’s human nature to turn a blindside to something obviously going on right in front of them. Your family, your colleagues, the world, will never know everything you personally go through to get to the finish line. And once you hit your powerful and exciting successful stride and are living in your future that you have always dreamed of… “they” will put you in the same league as HER and you may feel these same emotions if you’ve never been there before. It can turn entrepreneurs dreams into failure & hiding really quick.

People get knocked off their unicorn every single day, and no one can figure out just what went wrong! Maybe, they just needed a little help. Perhaps, they didn’t realize how out of touch they became. And it is possible, no matter how high we rise, the work is never done and the potential for our shadow-self to re-emerge even years later is possible!

  • We like to lie to ourselves and others.
  • We are all easily influenced.
  • We all follow the heard like pretty little sheep and act as if we are not.
  • We are habit forming creatures, just like your pets.
  • We are human.

Why must we put others on pedestals and create fabricated stories to fit our own narrative? Is it that hard to have complete trust in the unknown? Is it too much to ask that you have faith in yourself? (Sometimes, I wonder if these emotional reactions are because we don’t know how to create goals properly.)

We regularly complete stories for HER as if we are gods from our favorite fable or movie—and we honestly believe, without facts, that our view from our window is the right one.

Do you know how many times I’ve finally received the actual story from someone and had to apologize (even if only quietly to myself) that I had their story wrong? Quite a few. And people hate to apologize about the important stuff.

Assuming makes up most of the problems in this world. It’s like a disease and if you’re not assuming you are getting your answers from your intuition, right? How about reaching out and asking the person first before creating these stories that are made for you and all about you and, so you have something to look up to?

Everyone struggles and everyone hurts no matter who they are or how protected or privileged their life seems from the outside. Maybe you are being unjustly judged right now!

Have you thought about how your reactions to the roles we have put you in are affecting the choices you make in life? If you are going through life as the warrior but inside feel like no one has helped you in years, what can this mean for you and your future?! It is scary when you realize the stories people have created for you, inspired by you, can be a source of unhappiness and a breeding ground for inauthentic decisions! We have a hard time thinking for ourselves but say otherwise. We become other peoples stories and do not even realize we are adapting to this fake role we have been playing for YEARS.

What role are you playing that is keeping you from being helped?

Self-reflection on a weekly basis is an important practice.

We are creative beings who live in a world that can shake us off whenever she wants to. Be careful about how you spend your time here and have responsibility for your self-reflection and perspectives on others around you. Because sometimes the person hurt or scared the most is the least likely person you suspect.

Courageous women cry and need help too. Don’t put them on your pedestal; and if you are one of them, ask for help.

Be free this year and live gracefully and lightheartedly in the unknown! This is where real power lives.

Have a humble and brave week.

I send this out in love and pure unicorn timing. xoxo