Many people ask me how to get over creative blocks. I’ve had my share. I still do they are just a whole lot smaller and shorter. Here is the secret: Just do it. Do it crying if you have to. Do it as fast as you can. Drop everything and please get your booty in that chair and write, draw, paint, scrapbook, see, quilt, Jewel…whatever it is do it.

You ask yourself, “why is creating so miserable?! Maybe it’s not for me. I’m supposed to love this right?!” Not always. Being an artist or being a creative can be the most wonderful or stubborn thing you’ve ever encountered in this short life. I’m both. I did notice for ME that there was a lot of inner-self work that I was ignoring and after clearing that the floodgates opened easily and have stayed open.

But recently I became a writer. (Or maybe I always was a writer!) and the old block and stubborn child in me said NO! I was lucky to have a writing coach holding space for me when I didn’t have any of my own. Alisia Leavitt is amazing, patient, inspiring and intelligent. She knew I needed to process all of this and was already at a point where I would pull the trigger and “just do it.” She did prod me a bit in the end which at first felt scary but it was a wake up call.

The creative block only lasted a few weeks with help and practice I’ve put in for years now.

I know people close to me that struggle so hard that it’s become a creative block FOR YEARS.

Don’t lock your gifts up because it’s uncomfortable. So what if it feels like crap right now. Work through it if there is a tiny pinhole light shining on a creative part of your soul. If you feel it then yes it is there and YOU are the only one keeping it from being stoked into an inferno.

Try starting with something else you’ve been ignoring that has nothing to do with creativity. That is what I did. Look deep within your cave of fears and walk in with an intention of conquering something. THEN, conquer something else! One of these days if you consistently do this you’ll see your creative child with pen and paper or a sewing needle or paint brush and you will grab it and BEGIN AGAIN. I promise. Don’t let the lies you’ve programmed so many years ago rule the woman you are today. Things have changed. Circumstances are different. You are allowed to do what you want and BE whoever you are.

Love you.



Alley Jean