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You are a writer.
Life has purpose



You are remarkable and using that spark of creativity all of the experiences you have had up until this moment have potential to pour forth into pages and pages of material, shaping your book, telling your story and adding value to your life. I know what you’re likely thinking “I am not a writer”. I wanted to tell you I too believed at one point that because I had not focused on literature in college or ever seriously explored writing that it was simply not worth trying. Yet, I was wrong. After years of trying to convey the right emotion and brand story to the world through journaling and posts on social media, I started getting affirmations that I was on the right track although I initially ignored them. I bet you are getting these little encouraging thoughts or bits of feedback too!  Sometimes Red Unicorn Media clients would outright tell me I should write a book or fans of my work would share with me through private messages how much my story helped them in their time of need. I started seeing many examples of people appreciating my work. Then I hired a premier writing coach to help me through the process and I started creating copy for my website, writing optins and launching a vlog (Video+blog). Throughout the experience, I quickly learned how valued my voice was and how much I loved creating material like this for people. I have come to realize that everyone has a story that someone else needs to read.  You have something to say and laying it out in a visual format is an important asset to share.

No one seems to talk enough about the best part of having created written materials which you poured your heart and soul into.  This written work can now be used as a marketing tool, serving as a tremendous asset!  Not only does this serve your fan-base by adding value to their experience, when used strategically you can create profit though every written document you put out there. Your carefully written words shine a light on your dedication and open doors to landing interviews, securing featured spots on prominent blogs and attracting dreamy new clients.

If you haven’t already learned this about me, I worked for Hachette Filipacchi as an assistant before moving to Wenner Media where I worked for publications like Rolling Stone and US Weekly. I learned a lot during that time about visibility and sharing value through written publications by shaping great ideas into incredible writing while incorporating FANTABULOUS style!  Today there are tons of people out there looking for help, inspiration and more. Yet with people swiping through the internet and social media so fast, most writers get lost before they are even SEEN. It is important to find ways to earn that visibility through multiple avenues in ways that are fun and refreshing ways for you and your client. I can help guide your path and find your way!

Custom Books, PDF’s & Optin Packages


Write This Way Lovely

Common mistakes are very costly to your bottom line. Your identity, voice, and visibility begin when you first write something down, but it doesn’t end there! Oftentimes these dedicated writings, no matter how special they might be, NEVER get read. Why is this?
The truth is most entrepreneurs don’t give their words a purpose.  This is where I come in!  I work with you through a series
of strategy sessions which help define your unique angle.  Then together we create a plan of action and creating stellar
design and layouts to get you seen by a broader audience. Let’s get people paying attention to you today!

Big Impact Package

Modern Book 

  • 199-350 Page eBook/Workbook
  • Front/Back Cover
  • Pro Complete Layout Service
  • Print + Digital Version
  • LIVE Meetings
  • Promo Social Templates
  • 1:1 Promotional Idea and Creative Workshop to launch your eBook or optin successfully online!

Strategic Impact Package


  • 5-20 Page eBook/Workbook/Optin
  • Custom Front Cover
  • Pro Layout Designed
  • Interactive Digital Version
  • LIVE Meetings
  • 1:1 Creative Workshop with me to develop promotional ideas to successfully launch your eBook
    or Optin online!

Most Popular Package

Robust #Boom 


  • 21-199 Page eBook/Workbook/Optin
  • Front/Back Cover
  • Pro Complete Layout Service
  • Print + Digital Version
  • LIVE Meetings
  • Promotional Social Template
  • 1:1 Promotional Idea and Creative Workshop to launch your eBook
    or optin successfully online!

 WITH PURPOSEFUL INTENT? Woot woot! I know you are. Let’s do this in style!

Laying out PDF’s, Optins, Worksheets, and Books is not something to leave up to *just* anyone. I use professional
software and have over 17 years of layout experience. Then there comes the part where everyone tells you how amazing
I make you look with the design. There is a strategy,
plan, and wow factor that is critical when you create these items
for your beautiful audience.
Best to leave it to a pro like me then to cousin Cheryl who knows Microsoft Word
really good and thinks she *gets* Amazon’s policies and guidelines.

Words with Visual Purpose

I am a layout design specialist. I make your words shine!


Increase Visibility, Awareness & Clients

Learn What It Means To Be Empowered Over Your Brand

Create Strong Messaging & Creative Identity Stories

Get Increased Traffic To Your Website

Establish and Justify Premium Rates

Look & Feel Like A Player In The Big Leagues

Stand Out From The Crowd. "OWN IT!"

Own Something Truly Unique + Original

Talk To Your Dreamy Ideal Client

Stand In Your Power

Your Time Is NOW

Support & Uplift Your Lifestyle Through Visual Credibility


My reputation
precedes me…

“I refer all of my clients to Alley because of her high level of detail
and creative commitment to producing the best work possible.

Her work aligns completely with my own creative vision and that is tough
to find these days. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t do anything
cookie-cutter. Everything is high-touch and customized to what the client
wants and I would not use anyone else but her.

To be able to get on a video call with her, and see her in the artist studio while actually
watching the color swatches, typography and graphic images that are coming together
right in front of you is incredible and fascinating!

Usually, when you go to a designer for a book cover or layout design,
they give you a couple choices based on ideas they’ve already used. Alley takes it
to the next level with every single piece; the color, font, illustrations are 100% approved
by the client and personalized beyond anything else I have ever seen in the industry.
It allows for a high-level of creative input by the client and an overall higher level of satisfaction.

Alisia Leavitt

Holistic Health & Premier Writing Coach + Editor ⭐️ Creativity, sass and a little bit of magic. Coach

“I followed my intuition when I decided to work with Alley from Red Unicorn Media to design the cover of Transform~The Mompreneur’s Guide to Greatness. Her work speaks to my heart and I knew that she would be able to bring the cover of my book to life. Her service and talents far exceeded my expectations. She listened to the visions that I had for my book cover and brought her knowledge and intuitive abilities into this creative process. She worked until the cover of Transform was born. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS and I could not be happier with it. Alley cares so much about her work and her clients. She has become a dear friend and mentor. I recommend Alley for your creative work with highest regard. 

Jessica Sproul

Transformational Coach & Author

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