How to Find Your Brand’s Color PaletteIn today’s video I’m talking about how to find the color palette for your brand.

Interestingly enough, it is NOT that hard, it is simple actually.

And we get to be even more wild in the process – being in nature and all 🙂

I know when looking for inspiration a lot of us turn to other soulpreneur’s websites in hope of finding a “good idea”.

You don’t need to do that.

You don’t need to copy someone else color palettes. They aren’t you after all! Why would their colors work for you?

In today’s video I’m addressing exactly that :: How to find your brand’s color palette that is uniquely YOU.

I’ll walk you through my philosophy, process, natures palettes, patterns, textures and emotion.

You will also learn about color psychology and going deep into what it means to you, your brand or how it can help you decide on fashion or remodels. Crystals of wisdom!?


With love, hugs and unicorn kisses!



How To Find Your Brand's Color Palette