It is exciting when I work with such inspirational women on something as special as their brand identity. Especially when they look at all of my work, meet with me and still think to themselves, “but will she be able to pull it off for me too?!” I know they all think that and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

I have this intuitive natural ability to SEE the visions in my clients mind and soul. It isn’t a vision of the logo but it is a feeling that I get. Those feelings drive me to the research and all the preparation that begins on paper or canvas with markers, pens, paintbrushes, ink, and finally digital form. THEN, we go on this journey together where I take my traditional art, research and love to then combine it with modern techniques that create a symbol and emotion for your company that literally will floor you! In an emotional way you will know the time, spirit and love I have put into what we have been working on together for so long. And when I say, “Together” I truly mean it! When your logo, book cover, illustration work is ready……we look at it and even work on it together in my design software using screen share capabilities. It is fun and extremely rewarding to be part of such an important process in your life. I don’t just email your mockups and tell you to “PICK ONE.” Your magic is indeed so important in the process that without it? Well… will not fully be your own.

Relationships mean a lot to me in personal life and in business. I don’t take things personally and am walking with you on this epic journey that will change your life forever. I shine a light on what was already there for you in the first place. I give the unspoken truths, images, and feelings a place to appear.

If you’re looking for a brand identity in a couple of weeks then you may keep looking because this will not be an experience that you’re ready for. If you want me to hurry up and are not ready to create with me, then you may keep moving in another direction because I don’t have that energy and space for you here.

When you are ready to commit to taking a breath and trusting in my methods with an open heart to SEE the possibilities of making leaps and flying to heights you daydream about… please get in touch with me by making an appointment on my calendar here —>>>

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:::Web Design, Artistic Brand Identity, Book Publishing:::

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It’s important to note that although I would love to work with all of you there are only a limited amount of spaces left before years end. You may not be thinking about this but alas…the year is half over and with my meticulous and artistic ability in my studio getting brighter and brighter with each passing day a lot of amazing ladies have been booking me up quickly. I am taking deposits right now for October – December. Wow right?! I am so happy about this too! I’ve never had my schedule this booked before. High flying days ?

My process is a deep, high-touch, 1:1 experience that is only getting more unique and fun! With that being said I would like to invite you to meet with me if you feel there is space in your life to go on a journey such as this. My pricing is increasing significantly on July 1st and so if you have gotten this far down the post without getting distracted by a shiny object this could be a moment for you where you make the leap or you don’t. Is this the year that you say, “I can do this next year for sure.” Or will this be the year that you invest in your dreams and work with me on not only your branding but the entire package you get when working with a magical unicorn like me?! (No brainer!)

? My past life was in marketing management and sales for big publishing houses. So when you’re working with me actively you also have the bonus of asking me questions on marketing, advertising, complicated brand and course integrations, online relationships that turn into clients, visibility, copywriting etc… Ask any of my clients what this is like and they will all “glam me up” in the most beautiful way. I love them all and take compliments easy! Take a look at my reviews…they are not

If you are able to make a deposit by midnight tonight than you’ll be able to get all of this with my current pricing. Tomorrow, my pricing goes up from $1,700 to $4,399 for my most popular artistic brand package. So you can see that there is a big hello to self-worth, value and integrity. And a small goodbye to self-doubt and working for crackers. I lift up my clients to heights that are well within reach but too hard for them to see on their own. They know it’s there but I bring it out of hiding. What is it? Clarity of how to deliver their dreams in a visual message that truly reveals their natural energy and gifts in a professional, artistic and empowered way that attracts their ideal clients.

Contact me today if you’re looking for a special journey to uplevel your business and lock in this old pricing. Literally, this pricing is good ONLY through midnight my time which is Eastern Standard. Tonight. Tonight. Tonight.

Here is a freshly approved logo and painting made for two lovely ladies, Leandria and Kersten of Eco Bodhi! Their big launch will be by the end of August and so far the experience has been more than what they ever dreamed it was going to be. I am in total love with them, their message and our artistic journey! <3 xoxo More on their beauty products, lifestyle and vegan eco friendly message to come soon!