My Process Works

First off, we develop a relationship with the goal of me deeply understanding why and how we will successfully co-create and launch your brand identity together. We always meet virtually through Zoom video conferencing and discuss and collaborate on everything from typography, to color theory, to your ideal client, to pricing, to selling and marketing your idea visually and with a brand story and solid message. Focus on doing uncomfortable things and experimenting are required to become successful with or without me. Our conversation is always creative, inspirational, motivational, and forward thinking. We are and always will be in a state of constant evolution in all areas of our life that directly impact our business and career. That is why mindset and my dedication to your empowerment over your brand and website matter so much to me.

Finding the right person to manage and co-create your brand identity, website, or advertising services can be a difficult decision. Working with Alley Jean is a process like no other. She is patient and ready to listen to your desires while educating you along the way at the appropriate moments using her 18+ years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising and creative work. 

There is a four-stage process:

1.) Interview, Research, and Audience work. 

2.) Creation, Critique, and Creative work. i.e., website wires, sketches, palettes, mock-ups.

3.) Implementation, Testing, and Finalization with Final Deliverables.

4.) Post Hoc Follow-ups and Tweaking.

>>> All stages are completed with the highest level of communication within Asana my project management system. We communicate within there, through email, private messengers, phone and video conference to ensure we are always on the same page. You are a top priority and will feel this way from beginning to end.