Alley JeanMy entire life has been an uphill battle of learning how to navigate through this world in a successful way. I have tried everything! I have had gym memberships, therapists, diets, all natural living, quit alcohol, taken vitamins, juiced, quit milk, quit wheat, read self-help books, detoxed, made big life changes, moved, went to college, etc…. I felt that after all of this goodness something would catch on and I would all of a sudden be “fixed.” But I still felt miserable because nothing changed inside of me that made a big impact. I looked at my accomplishments and failures. It all looked okay, but I didn’t want to be just okay. I knew there was a greater purpose for me because I wanted an amazing life!


Every day I woke up on a mission to change my status quo. That was really my first step into being a true soulpreneur…making it my mission to do and try everything for Red Unicorn Media’s sake. Well, that is what I told myself at least I said, “This is for Red Unicorn. It needs to survive and thrive.” So I looked around and tried everything. I listened intently to the people succeeding and followed  what they did. It was the epitome of looking at what “she” (the better entrepreneur) was doing.  So what did  all successful entrepreneurs talk about and do that I didn’t do? Here is a quick list:


“What is she doing that I am not doing that/ What do I need to do to be better/ Maybe one day I will be like her” kind of list:

  1. Holistic lifestyle
  2. Yoga
  3. Meditation
  4. Reiki
  5. Self-love
  6. Self-acceptance
  7. Fun
  8. Getting out into nature
  9. Getting vulnerable and honest
  10. Standing in her power
  11. Talking to the universe
  12. Deep-diving her “why”
  13. Sending love to people she dislikes. Lol!
  14. Being okay with who she is
  15. Being authentic
  16. Understanding what authenticity really is
  17. Forgiving people who have hurt her in her past
  18. Journaling
  19. Using crystal energy
  20. Sending messages to the universe
  21. Going to retreats
  22. Helping people with nothing expected in return
  23. Being positive and happy and understanding what this is and looks like to her
  24. Master Manifestor
  25. Showing up
  26. Creating value
  27. Being strong minded and getting up after she was knocked down
  28. Releasing what no longer serves her
  29. Wanting more and knowing that it is not selfish to be this way
  30. Being visible and standing in her truth

This was HER list that I wanted to conquer. It was daunting but a lot of it came so naturally. Why? Because in reality this list was mine and always had been. I only needed to write it down to begin the manifesting power I held in my heart. Once I began going through the list one by one, something terrible happened! The list became my secret obsession. At one point I was so in my head about manifesting that I think I manifested a total monster. LOL! Because if you know or you don’t know, the universe doesn’t know the difference between good and bad, it only acknowledges what you are concentrating the most on. So…as I concentrated really hard on becoming successful, I feared so much that I would fail…which in turn became my failure.


One by one I went through my list and one by one I failed. The difference I made in my life and business was going at it again and again. I looked for patterns and let go of what didn’t work. I tried everything when it came to technology, marketing,and psychology. I looked at myself naked in the rain and got excited when something finally came to light. Win after win I began making traction and I started understanding something truly epic: All the things I wanted didn’t have anything to do with my business! It had EVERYTHING to do with my soul, heart,and effort. It was ME and not my college degree, not my experience working for places like Rolling Stone, and not my pricing, clients or artistic skills; it was me and only me all along.


So as I went through my list again I thought with my heart and associated it all with my personal soul. I treated my clients and the way I signed my clients in a very personal way. When something didn’t work out, I looked at me instead of blaming others. I saw my faults as signals that I needed to go in another direction. And you know what? Every month I made more money, had more wins, and was offered great things. These things never would have come to me or my business had I not looked deeply at me instead of the outlying things that didn’t really matter, such as my pricing, services, or marketing practices.


Another amazing and key component that has occurred by living my list is that through all my experience and clients, I have truly found the secret to living a happier life. I am conquering all my fears and monsters that no psychologist, self-help book, or inspiring movie could ever cure me of. And every time I go through a “situation” in business, I wonder how I can handle it differently and in a more heart-centered way now or in the future. I didn’t notice it at the time, but I literally have crossed off almost all those list items now. So what can this mean for my future? I am HER. I am the person I always wanted to be and all it took was becoming an online entrepreneur for a year. I can’t imagine what the universe has in store for me next!

Giving up on my business essentially would have been giving up on myself personally. Don’t give up on YOU. Get out there and make a list of what SHE has that you don’t. Examine that list carefully and realize that it is YOUR list and always has been.

Love you. xoxo, A.J.