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Alley Jean stands up to support other women in business by locking arms together. That is why I love to be a part of their live events, online summits, and private mastermind courses. 

Below are events I am a part of and that I highly recommend you join.

If you are loving my energy and believe that I may be a great addition to something you are launching, please email me at with details and a full request about your live event, podcast, mastermind course, or online summit.

Abundance Masters

Runs through Wednesday, August 22nd! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have the life you want–by creating it yourself? What if you could? 

You CAN make it happen! All you need is something to help you get started. Here it IS!
15 awesome speakers will show you how they’ve been able to live the abundant life of their dreams. I’m so excited to partner with my friends to bring you this FREE video series!
Claim your spot and discover how you can have more wealth, more wellness and more happiness at while you still can!

The Wealthy Creative

Hey, chicka!!! Are you a creative or service-based entrepreneur who wants to feel totally authentic in her business but also make great money?! Join me in this completely FREE online training series with Sarah Cook, Freedom Mentor, and Business Strategist, to learn all the tips and tricks of women in business who are living the dream and finding financial abundance while doing it! I am interviewed in this series alongside some badass powerful women! You don’t want to miss this! Click to get registered! 

Live Your Bliss Masterclass: How to be Fiercely You, Play Full Out, and Be Unstoppable as You Create Your Happiest Life

Do you long for a life that goes beyond the “blah”? Do you know that there is way more to life, but you’re just not sure how to access it, or what to change to create what you really want … or, how to move past fear to take action?

If this sounds familiar, I want you to know that my friend life coach Kate Dorsey knows you weren’t born to just get by … you were born to live in BLISS!

To that end, she’s hosting a complimentary online masterclass series, Live Your Bliss Masterclass: How to be Fiercely You, Play Full Out, and Be Unstoppable, and you’re invited.

It starts May 22nd and brings together more than 20 experts on life design, health, and wellness (including me). We’re sharing practical tools and strategies you can use every day to identify and move through your fear, so you can create the change that empowers you to experience a joy-filled life! Grab your spot here: Click to get registered! 


As you can see, some of the most talented and amazing online public figures will be sharing their minds with us – talking about creativity, spirituality, success, personal magic, and more.

11AM (PST)/ 2PM (EST)/ 7PM (BST)

You are brilliant. You are creative. You are magic.

It’s time that you realize your potential and finally create your dream reality. We believe in you and we believe in your journey.

❤ Melanie Ann Layer, High-Performance Lifestyle Coach

❤ Alley Jean, Branding Specialist & Visibility Coach

❤ Shari D. Teigman, Transformational Coach & Biz Spark Strategist

❤ Amber Annette, Life & Business Psychic Medium

❤ Sarah Marie Thompson, Creative Lifestyle Expert & Soul Guide and YOUR CREATIVE EVENT HOST

We will be discussing insights from our creative journeys, life theories, tips n’ tricks of the online trade, creating from our highest vibration, living as magically as we can, and supporting you by answering all of your questions!

This LIVE call is going to be 2.5 hours of sharing and answering your burning questions… and we would love for you to join us!
This is your opportunity to talk to creative industry leaders for FREE and join them in a soulful + heartfelt conversation. Our experts will also be providing you with an amazing goodie-bag of fun freebies!

11AM (PST)/ 2PM (EST)/ 7PM (BST)

* If you are not able to join us live, don’t worry, you will be emailed a replay of the call… but we really want you to join us LIVE. This is going to be amazing!

See you on April 16th girl… and please SHARE this with all of your friends! ❤

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