Live like a Queen, Market like a Boss and Sell like a Unicorn!

Beauty. Purpose. Style. Originality. Light. Creativity. Embrace. Deep.

Everything you see here in the portfolio is created by Alley Jean and is a real-life project. While some of this looks as though it is created by a huge team of designers, this is a one-woman show here and all my clients are taken on a 1:1 basis. Feel free to reach out and create an appointment in the schedule link above to meet with Alley and discuss your business and the solutions and goals you want to be solved. I work with people globally and look forward to speaking with you.

I am a graphic designer with an artist’s heart and a marketers mind.

Usually it is one or the other… this is where the unicorn comes into my mix.

Elevate Your Image.

During this entire process, we are not only making things look and feel amazing, we are also building up a story, brand message and powerful identity that you own. This is stepping into your brand power. Your vision becomes reality. Be intrigued… scroll down and start viewing my portfolio.

My Creative Studio!

A Michigan Native looking to work around the world!

Some say I am old school, but most say I am thoughtful, unique, and as rare as a unicorn when it comes to graphic design and brand management. My approach ensures that you not only have something that NO ONE will come close to in style, look and feel… but also the emotion and strategy behind the energy of your business. Let’s tap into your authentic vision and create your legacy together. It feels incredible to have something hand-made and full of love, BUT we are going to take it a step further and modernize your brand identity using extremely high-level expert techniques in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I possess skills above and beyond the average digital artist, and I can develop colors, logos, and typography that owns a look and feel that is wholly integrated into the 21st century!

Professional & Aligned

My heart-centered approach to solving design challenges will get you noticed right away.

Made with love.

>>> Freshly Approved Logo and Color Palette! <<<

>>> Freshly Approved for A/B Testing! <<<

>>> Freshly Approved for A/B Testing! <<<

Logo Design

Two versions of a fabulous brand I created from scratch with my client Devon.

The first one that is full of color is for the digital world, and the second 1-color logo is created for print work. 

Styling Sheets & Brand Management Guides Available!



We begin the process with strategic creative meetings

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Web Design & Strategy

Full Mock-ups & WireFrames for your Website Design



Social Media Design for Visibility, Ads, and Brand Extensions



Book Cover & eBook Layout for Print & Digital

Specialized Digital Art for posters and unique projects



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Increase Visibility, Awareness & Clients

Learn What It Means To Be Empowered Over Your Brand

Create Strong Messaging & Creative Identity Stories

Get Increased Traffic To Your Website

Establish and Justify Premium Rates

Look & Feel Like A Player In The Big Leagues

Stand Out From The Crowd. "OWN IT!"

Own Something Truly Unique + Original

Talk To Your Dreamy Ideal Client

Stand In Your Power

Your Time Is NOW

Support & Uplift Your Lifestyle Through Visual Credibility


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