Brand Identity and Sales.

Inside The Project

Blythe Starlight wanted a one-of-a-kind custom painted logo and palette. Here is what we did…


 The project

Challenge & Solution

Challenge: Creating a custom painted texture and modernizing it with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is not an easy task! Working with a highly trained artist who understands design and color theory can be a blessing and take a lot of patience as well. 

Solution: Worked on a beautiful hand-painted texture and then created the mock-ups for Therese of Blythe Starlight. Since she is an amazing artist, I decided to have a LIVE meeting and share my screen with her so we could make LIVE edits and approve her custom logo within hours!

Custom Painted Logo

Custom Painted Texture


— Post Project

The client outcome…

I loved working on this project! Not only did it turn out beautiful, but, it ignited the confidence to complete final edits with my clients LIVE on Zoom video conference. This is now a process I can incorporate into any remote working experience. 

– Alley Jean