Branding for Print + Digital

Inside The Project needed a full brand identity and website design. Here is what we did…


 The project

Challenge & Solution

Challenge: Devon really wanted something original for her logo design that was both moody and healing to look at with uber creativity. Not an easy task!

Solution: A completely brand new identity across the board along with opening up and expanding her Facebook group and online presence! 

Custom Logo

This project began in the art studio on my easel. We later modified the logo to be a one-color vector style for a modern look and feel.

Website Design

eBook Design

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— Testimonial


Alley is a wildly creative woman and I couldn’t be happier with this amazing, authentic reflection of me and my work in the world. Thank you, Alley, of Red Unicorn Media. You are a creative goddess!

– Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT