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Inside The Project

Every project Alley Jean works on has problems and solutions that will differ from each other and require new creative methods and processed to get to the successful launch moment. The work she creates never mimics a brand strategy, brand style, or brand message from another because each business is unique. Creative problem solving and outside-of-the-box marketing ideas that elevate brands is what Alley Jean is great at. 


Intertwine Corp.


December 2019


6 Months


Full Re-Brand

Intertwine and their product, Q-It, an automotive software solution, needed a refresh.

Here is what Alley did…

As the company was expanding they realized there was a gap in their sales cycle and their current brand identity was not communicating their simple message, to save money and time for multi-million dollar companies here in Michigan using their SaaS software, Q-It.


Audience Growth


Sales Cycle Reduced


Revenue Boost


 The project

Challenge & Solution

Challenge: The look and feel of their visual branding when they approached me was not bad, but it didn’t portray the emotions their customers felt when they experienced the power of Intertwine’s software, Q-It. The website and marketing materials needed a clear and focused message so even if they found Intertwine’s content on their own, they would understand what it was, why they may need it, and how to make that happen. 

Solution: We decided to use a brighter and bolder color scheme along with typography that felt like it was a part of the Motor City here in Detroit, Michigan. The visual identity now resonates with local manufacturing businesses. The message and calls to action have been significantly improved and the overall project in digital and print has been a great success, with new clients signing on within only 30-days of launching the new identity across all channels of print and digital media. 

Work with Red Unicorn Media

Here is a video showing the website. Strategizing the user interface and user experience was the most challenging aspect of our project. The software is complex and beautifully written data management. We decided to bring them through a, “get to know us and understand why you need us” approach was the most simple way of getting our ideal customers to use the call to action, which is setting up a meeting to see the software and find out if it is a good idea for the customer to invest.

Creating graphics, illustrations, icons, and curating photography was the fun part of the brand refresh! We decided to use visuals as much as possible in place of messaging to convey a simple and intelligent software solution for million and billion-dollar automotive parts manufacturing companies. 

Technical jargon and industry speak from Intertwine, Q-It, and the customer base had to be simplified for the sales decks and printed marketing materials brand messaging. All of the complicated copywriting was replaced with short descriptions or titles and new graphics. This included icons, charts, line drawings, and photography. While you may not understand some of this auto talk… they do, and that is what mattered the most. 


— Testimonial

What they said…

“We highly recommend Red Unicorn Media and Alley Jean for their expertise and help in everything from brand management to web design, sales and marketing strategy, and graphic art. On multiple occasions, they’ve helped turn our rough ideas into professionally polished products, quickly and cost-effectively. We’ve been doing business together for nearly 10 years and we’ve never been disappointed. Thank you for everything!”

– Intertwine Corp.