Custom Logo Design, Brand Style Board, and Typography

Inside The Project

Every project Alley Jean works on has problems and solutions that will differ from each other and require new creative methods and processed to get to the successful launch moment. The work she creates never mimics a brand strategy, brand style, or brand message from another because each business is unique. Creative problem solving and outside-of-the-box marketing ideas that elevate brands is what Alley Jean is great at. 


Sharon Woodcock


November 2018


2 Months


Logo, Color Palette, Brand Style Board, and Typography

Sharon Woodcock, a personal brand identity, supports creative writers and businesses by educating them with their copywriting and creative endeavors. Here is what Alley did…

As Sharon Woodcock’s business began to flourish, she realized that her brand identity didn’t match the value, creativity, and customer-base, she was working with. She knew it was time for a professional brand on a visual level. 


Audience Growth


Sales Cycle Reduced


Revenue Boost


 The project

Challenge & Solution

Challenge: Sharon Woodcock wanted a handmade logo and color palette. This is always a big undertaking as it requires the designer to transform into the artist.  

Solution: A hand-painted feather using professional artist grade watercolors and inks was made and then transferred to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to sharpen up and modernize the final logo image. the concept of creative freedom was always our main objective as the logo went through many phases before hitting perfection. 

Work with Red Unicorn Media

The foundation of her personal brand identity was created using many different graphic elements and these will be used for a cohesive extension of her brand in the near future.


— Testimonial

What they said…

Alley Jean is a dream to work with. She created a beautiful logo design, colour palette, and style sheet for me this year, which captures my brand essence wonderfully. The logo design was hand-painted in watercolours, and has such unique expression and attention to detail. I cannot express enough how awesome it is to work with Alley Jean. She will look into the depths of who you are, and unravel your brand visuals and identity, leaving you spellbound.

– Sharon Woodcock