Brand Identity and Sales.

Inside The Project

Solfi wanted a new look and feel for an App they designed. Here is what we did…


 The project

Challenge & Solution

Challenge: Create a modern app design, brand, and logo to gain more users. 

Solution: I created a colorful logo using an illustrated image of my voice saying the App name. Used vector flat art to fullfill a bright, simple to use interface, brand, and user interface as requested. 

UI/UX App & Logo Design


— Post Project

The client outcome…

Modern vector/illustrative art is one of my favorite styles. The client knew what they needed but provided me space to be the creator of the user experience. It was fun working with a developer who could make my ideas come to life and a client who was very easy going to work with. The project went smoothly and was launched LIVE in 2010. I would love to work on another App design project and thrive in the technology industry by simplifying brand messages visually for complicated products and services.  

– Alley Jean