How can your studio space uplevel your business“Ugh! I can’t even think about doing any work right now!”

I said it and I meant it a hundred times over.

I thought it and walked right out of my office and thought about everything and anything BESIDES running my business.

How could I be so negative and why was I throwing my opportunity and dream away when it is everything that I want?

“Maybe….I am not cut-out for this soulpreneur lifestyle. Maybe this is not my special gift and I am totally delusional.”

These are my real thoughts from last year.

This is the conversation I was having with myself during even the most successful of times in my new business lifestyle.

It made me feel guilty, stupid, drained and all the rest!

It wasn’t like this all the time but it was popping up more and more. I was starting to believe that maybe I wouldn’t be happy doing anything in this lifetime that was worth calling my career or calling to serve. I was wishing for a big shift and trying to make super big leaps to change what had been setting in and starting to grow…boredom and self doubt.

Backstory: I am an empath and extremely intuitive.
With these gifts come a price sometimes when I don’t fully understand their powers. Long story short, I am good at a lot of things and learn at an exceptional speed when I want to. I am not gloating, it is what it is.

Some might say, “What is wrong with being good at everything?” Well, a lot.
First off, I get bored as soon as I become good at anything. Which means I have quit a lot of amazing things before I became GREAT at them. The cello, Tennis, Basketball, Swim Team, Glass blowing, Clay art, Bass Guitar, Poetry and Animation to name a few!

I was sort of skipping over the greatness in having patients; and working for corporate companies with no time to spare didn’t help me SEE this quality as being a bad thing. THEY LOVED ME FOR IT.
They wanted my sails to change with the quick ebb n flow of their company culture and endeavours with little or no notice. I could keep up with this for sure and I liked NOT getting bored.

But the crappy thing about it all was I never followed my intuition any longer and was not getting GREAT at anything at all.

Life seemed to be a series of many good things and I was sitting on a plateau of nothing much to talk about.

It scared me because I knew things should be more enlightening and filled with sunshine by now. But it wasn’t. And all the creativity in my heart was nowhere to be SEEN. Not at home on my walls or in my office or car….it seemed that my creativity was inside of me. My inspiration only lived inside of my mind’s-eye because I was hiding it along with so much more.

So, one day last year I looked around that office that I wanted so badly to begin with…the one that is my magical studio today!

AND, I gutted it!

Yep, took it all away and started fresh.

I organized everything in sight and threw a massive amount of old papers and ancient energy away. I was SO done with my “gray cubicle from hell” environment that I carried back home from the corporate world. I have no idea why I wasn’t beautifying my entire home and office to create the emotion and high-vibe energy I needed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

There are so many things I have done since then to create what I call now, Red Unicorn Media Studio!
It is a haven for my unicorn lifestyle and my family and friends always ask to tour it (it’s only one small space btw!) when they pop over. It makes me proud because they never did that before.

Now with my creative empathic soulful love all over it….people are interested and for the most part, I AM INSPIRED.

Below is a list of things you can do to create a space that feels better and inspires you to become empowered and serious about your entrepreneurship.

Everything you have learned down to that old uncomfortable chair at that lifeless JOB please forget! You are now allowed to do, be and see whatever you want during your word day or night. And if that is sipping kombucha barefoot with beach music on while typing up a newly revised contract for your ideal client and smiling at that cute little kitty figurine with a hat on your desk filled with sunflowers, crystals and essential oils? Then that is what you NEED to do to make an environment that will truly reflect your soul’s essence, improve productivity and increase your success ten fold!

BONUS: Within the same month I cleansed and beautified my studio I also created 3 new clients who are still with me today along with restructuring Red Unicorn Media forever and setting forth a shift that has changed my life in the most profound and gratifying way that brings tears to my eyes as I write you.

It was the small changes and consistency of becoming closer with all my creativity and spirit that I hid from even myself for so long that has created my solid direction and purpose in my career.

The big fast moves help sometimes but it is all the little tweaks create the transitions we are all searching for.

Don’t give up on yourself. Let the dreams and essences out of your mind to grow and live outside of you.

20 Office Space Creativity Makeover List:

  1. Fresh flowers
  2. Crystals
  3. Essential Oils
  4. Wall Art
  5. Pretty office supplies
  6. Books that support your soul and biz
  7. Cute figurines
  8. Photographs of the people and pets you adore
  9. Fun and healthy lighting like real sun light, lava or himalayan lamps
  10. Diffusers
  11. Candles
  12. Mini fridge
  13. Comfortable studio seating
  14. MUSIC
  15. Dreamcatchers
  16. Boxes and chests filled with treasures!
  17. Anything that organizes and looks creative
  18. Cute stencils for one wall
  19. Comfy rug to cuddle with your cat, dog, bunny or guniea pig
  20. TREATS

*Don’t stress about investing a lot here…there are sales, dollar stores and clearance racks everywhere. There is also repurposing ideas all over the internet that will not only feel good and make you proud but also save a tree or two!

Now I was so inspired to tell you this story that I made a video about it as well. Hit play and let the creative juices flow!


With love, hugs and unicorn kisses!