Depression and Creativity

Depression and Creativity

Depression and creativity really don’t go well with each other. Some people will never fully recover from the effects of depression either. You can do all the self-care, coaching, counseling, health, medication, whatever… and still, be sad.

I ache for these people because I understand it personally and I am not ashamed to admit this. It usually not tragedy that takes our life, it is shame–and I refuse to carry this kind of burden anymore.

But what if I told you that if you could put that depression on pause long enough to do something, that no matter how bad things got, you could never doubt what you’ve created is an utter masterpiece?!

What if you took a vacation from your lies, exhaustion, and deception, just for a while, because just around the bend was the success you’ve always known is inside you?

What if, finding the strength to persevere is a sacrifice (because it feels that way for the struggling) that will benefit the world long after you’re gone? Pulling out the source of your creativity and genius to pass on to others is a responsibility that most people with depression face. It is your responsibility to grow, nurture, and give the world your wisdom. Yet, in the moments or weeks of severe depression, we don’t think we are very wise.

Regret kills us.

All the “I’m sorry’s” destroy’s us.

All the despair annihilates us.

All the nights we wish we could time travel to make it right makes us feel insane and hopeless. Which unfortunately can make creativity and purpose a totally incapable state of being. But that is a lie.

What if you powered past those typical symptoms and made shit happen?! Yeah! What if you did THAT this year?! There are only about 8.5 months left of 2019, and at the end, you could receive this fantastic gift of satisfaction.

I don’t believe that most people who suffer may ever truly recover, but you can find success even in your sadness. I have. I know it’s possible. And the funny thing is, we often do heal and get happier! Only you know how to get past the things that for some of us will never go entirely away. You do have the answers you seek which is why self-reflection and asking for support in these times is necessary. Don’t do all of this on your own, please.

I think we wait for our perfect moment that never arrives.

-Alley Jean

How are you going to live life this year so you can create success no matter how bad things are? It’s so painful for those of us who experience life in this way and have so much inside of ourself that lay dormant. The creativity sits there, challenging us, yet it feels more like mocking.

The truth is, over 350 MILLION people will suffer from depression this year. Wow. Yet all of those people feel alone. You are not alone because the numbers speak for themselves—But I know it feels that way.

The most exceptional people in history struggled with this same ailment but still graduated to being that person we look up to. How did they do it? They just do it. They know their purpose is worth finding and accomplishing. They know it is more significant than their struggle. So they just do it anyways! They see the power to succeed when they don’t know how to do it and move forward. They believe in themselves even when everything in their head says otherwise.

I feel for you if this article resonates on a personal level. I know you. I want to give you a big huge hug, but what you really need is a kick in the arse.

Even if you don’t remember your purpose in full detail, don’t you realize you can’t know until you enter and participate in the journey?! It’s a jungle out there, and the people who history writes about are the ones who suffered the most. Those who felt the most lonely. Those who felt misunderstood. Those who wanted more and took it. They are the humans who matter and take the heat for the rest of humanity. They are the names on the wall and the thoughts in our hearts. Maybe one day we will talk and write about you. But, we won’t if you keep hiding your brilliance. Creativity and the gifts you were born with have a matter of responsibility, and when we give way to our troubling habits, we are acting in complete dishonor to our destiny. The world is waiting for you to step up or step out, it’s your choice. #unicorntruth

Alley Jean

Brand Identity Artistry & Web Design Strategist

I Quit! and what 7,632,819,325 means to YOU.

I Quit! and what 7,632,819,325 means to YOU.

I remember the day I quit design and advertising altogether. I was defeated as profoundly as you can imagine. I had been sober for years and thought being healthy would somehow magically “change my luck.” It hadn’t, and all I could think about was my 100k school loan, all my failures, all my pain, and the suspicious feeling that everyone knew what to do except me.

But the fact I created a story to convince me to sell out on my dreams and live a “simple life behind a desk,” was the unfortunate mindset story I played over and over in my head on a daily! I would say, “I stupidly invested my time and money in an industry that is saturated by millions of other designers just like me, who are pricing the services and products stupendously lower than mine, and taking all my customers! I can’t compete! I should have known! It’s okay though because I’ve surrendered and will do something different. I’ll fix this somehow, and in the meantime, I’ll take this desk job. And again, how could I have been so dumb to get into a career that is overly marketed and saturated leaving no room for individuality and a salary that no one could live on even alone?!” I would say this day in and day out with a smile on my face. {It was a tough time for me. I felt invisible and full of regret. I was purposeLESS.}

I acted like I was okay and even landed a contract to hire position in marketing which turned out to be a secretary job most days. But I gave in and told myself I wasn’t quitting, I was transitioning and had made a mistake — no biggie.

While all my faux smiles and daily charms went around and around like some nightmare invented by the infamous writer, Rod Sterling of the Twilight Zone… a fire was brewing. As I write this, I get tears in my eyes thinking of this fire that I hid most days even from myself. It was powerful, and I did everything in my power to cloak it. It was more of a firestorm by the time I caught myself getting “back into the ring again.” 

“The Market Doesn’t Scare Me.”

– Alley Jean – 

You can’t hide your magic/talents/skills. It will always come back to haunt you instead of love you if you push it away. In the coaching industry, they call this RESISTANCE. I call it, being a floon!?
{I know I know… I can be mean. Live with it.}

Sometimes our gifts feel like the “poor-mans” card pull. Meaning, you were dealt a lousy hand in life, and while your skills are fantastic, they pay bad and in essence are meaningLESS to you and us. This is when you’re thinking on the dark side of the moon ? , and no one can reach you except YOU. I could throw you a rope to pull you up and save you, and you’d tank it down and act like you have no clue how it happened! #truth

PROFESSIONAL POINT OF VIEW: Had I kept going on like I was, flailing around and acting helpless, I wouldn’t be here today talking to you. I would be running a successful and rising star of a business, and my relationship with myself and others would be suffering as it always was back then.

If you’re thinking of getting out of your industry because there are so many authors, coaches, designers, artists, etc… A.K.A competition, you’re sabotaging your career.

“With the world population at 7,632,819,325, you will quickly realize every industry is saturated. “

– Alley Jean – 

With the world population at 7,632,819,325 you will quickly realize every industry is saturated. So how are the people who you deem successful making it and you are not? Is this the question that kills you? Or is it you’ve given up? Because the population isn’t going down so the more you cry in your closet, the closer WE are to our dreams because we haven’t thrown in the towel. Most of you will take forever to start living inside your body. I know, that sounds weird right?! Ha! It does, and I want to edit it out, but I’m keeping it. Most of you are floating around like lost spirits, and you don’t have to.

Everything is about your mindset, and the more you work on your inner self and nurture the fire inside of you, the more you will build. And sure, I kick my building blocks down all the time. But now I do it on purpose to get a cleaner point of view. I tend to do all the things and experiment a lot with life. It’s gets crowded sometimes, and I have to wipe the slate clean at times. But in my “past life,” my blocks were being built by other people. They kicked them down, and I allowed it. I had no control and was scared at my core.

The market doesn’t scare me, and it shouldn’t scare you either. If you are out there growing in front of the world and creating all the time, allowing failure and allowing your transitions to develop fully, then your strategies, brand identity, ideal clients, audience, and overall clarity around your business will grow and be propitious to us and more importantly to YOU. Creating stories that there are just too many coaches, artist and whoever and whatever merely is you giving up.

I believe in you, and you’re so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Think of all the stuff you’ve been through, it’s hard, but you must realize that you’re here, reading this, and it’s not a sign from the universe but a solid fact that you’re still here. As long as you’re here, you can play the game of life. So play. ☺️

Brand Identity Architect

Ps. You can’t tame a wild unicorn. If you do, well, be prepared for Armageddon! ???♥️?