Your Best Visibility Strategy Is Right Here

Your Best Visibility Strategy Is Right Here

Visibility is a confusing topic for many people, and today, I want to clear that up for you.

Some important things you should know about visibility is it’s about being your true self in the open. Secondly, it’s about getting out there in the open. Ha!

Visibility is NOT: 

  • Just going LIVE
  • Only about logos or graphics
  • Telling your story over and over
  • Collaborating and connecting people to you and your brand
  • Just selling your products and services
  • Starting a podcast
  • Recording videos
  • Creating a webinar
  • Starting an email campaign
  • Wiring a post on social media
  • Writing a book
  • Beginning a course
  • Interviewing people
  • Joining groups and clubs

Visibility is a multi-faceted unique combination of any or even ALL of these things!

It’s all about experimenting!

Don’t fear being judged. Fear not showing up; because that will kill any business these days.

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Strategy in your branding, sales, and marketing are not the same as they were even 10-years ago!

To find out what works best for you, test and try things out!

Be a “mad scientist” adding and replacing the ingredients to your business like the tallest most fabulous layer cake you have ever baked!


Add in a layer and if it tastes good to you and your audience, great! If it doesn’t, no biggie, replace it with an alternate flavor.

The thing I have found is I can genuinely be myself now without my inner voice giving me shit.

And life is much more relaxing and fruitful! Yay!

So, how are you being perceived? Or should I say, how are you sharing yourself with the world these days?

Sometimes, we all feel like a hot mess and don’t want to show up for the world. But what we don’t realize is those are the moments you should be sharing yourself the MOST! It is a visibility secret. How do you think celebrities become celebrities? It isn’t by hiding and staying away from the public eyes. It is sharing their gifts every single day, good, bad, hot mess or badass!


When I worked at US Weekly, our hottest area of the magazine was called, “Celebrities Are Just Like Us!” and it showed photographs of them on their most authentic days. Spilling coffee on their shirts, tired mamas, tripping in the street, wearing not so celebrity fashion and so on. People ADORED IT!

When you share everything with your audience, you release these fears and overcome the blocks, which will truly heal you.

Lately, I have been a little more chill, which is a beautiful and more natural transition that’s taken hold in 2019.

I show up with or without make-up,
relaxed in jeans and a t-shirt.
And the funny thing is, usually, that is me… chill and comfy cozy.


I just want to be super clear here that it doesn’t have to be one thing or another, and no one recipe will work for you all the time. You can’t copy or buy your recipe done for you. And, sometimes the best methods don’t work anymore either, and you have to make up a new one.

It’s truly all about what works for YOU!
And feel free to change and evolve as you go.

There have been times I have gotten rid of strategies only to revisit them years later realizing it did work but needed a small tweak to become reliable! That just happened recently and was a considerable aha throwing sparkles in the air moment!!!!

Remember, you get to decide what you want to share!

And most importantly,


Alley Jean
Alley Jean

Alley Jean believes your spark is worth turning into an inferno of creative love and expression for the entire world to see.

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I Quit! and what 7,632,819,325 means to YOU.

I Quit! and what 7,632,819,325 means to YOU.

I remember the day I quit design and advertising altogether. I was defeated as profoundly as you can imagine. I had been sober for years and thought being healthy would somehow magically “change my luck.” It hadn’t, and all I could think about was my 100k school loan, all my failures, all my pain, and the suspicious feeling that everyone knew what to do except me.

But the fact I created a story to convince me to sell out on my dreams and live a “simple life behind a desk,” was the unfortunate mindset story I played over and over in my head on a daily! I would say, “I stupidly invested my time and money in an industry that is saturated by millions of other designers just like me, who are pricing the services and products stupendously lower than mine, and taking all my customers! I can’t compete! I should have known! It’s okay though because I’ve surrendered and will do something different. I’ll fix this somehow, and in the meantime, I’ll take this desk job. And again, how could I have been so dumb to get into a career that is overly marketed and saturated leaving no room for individuality and a salary that no one could live on even alone?!” I would say this day in and day out with a smile on my face. {It was a tough time for me. I felt invisible and full of regret. I was purposeLESS.}

I acted like I was okay and even landed a contract to hire position in marketing which turned out to be a secretary job most days. But I gave in and told myself I wasn’t quitting, I was transitioning and had made a mistake — no biggie.

While all my faux smiles and daily charms went around and around like some nightmare invented by the infamous writer, Rod Sterling of the Twilight Zone… a fire was brewing. As I write this, I get tears in my eyes thinking of this fire that I hid most days even from myself. It was powerful, and I did everything in my power to cloak it. It was more of a firestorm by the time I caught myself getting “back into the ring again.” 

“The Market Doesn’t Scare Me.”

– Alley Jean – 

You can’t hide your magic/talents/skills. It will always come back to haunt you instead of love you if you push it away. In the coaching industry, they call this RESISTANCE. I call it, being a floon!?
{I know I know… I can be mean. Live with it.}

Sometimes our gifts feel like the “poor-mans” card pull. Meaning, you were dealt a lousy hand in life, and while your skills are fantastic, they pay bad and in essence are meaningLESS to you and us. This is when you’re thinking on the dark side of the moon ? , and no one can reach you except YOU. I could throw you a rope to pull you up and save you, and you’d tank it down and act like you have no clue how it happened! #truth

PROFESSIONAL POINT OF VIEW: Had I kept going on like I was, flailing around and acting helpless, I wouldn’t be here today talking to you. I would be running a successful and rising star of a business, and my relationship with myself and others would be suffering as it always was back then.

If you’re thinking of getting out of your industry because there are so many authors, coaches, designers, artists, etc… A.K.A competition, you’re sabotaging your career.

“With the world population at 7,632,819,325, you will quickly realize every industry is saturated. “

– Alley Jean – 

With the world population at 7,632,819,325 you will quickly realize every industry is saturated. So how are the people who you deem successful making it and you are not? Is this the question that kills you? Or is it you’ve given up? Because the population isn’t going down so the more you cry in your closet, the closer WE are to our dreams because we haven’t thrown in the towel. Most of you will take forever to start living inside your body. I know, that sounds weird right?! Ha! It does, and I want to edit it out, but I’m keeping it. Most of you are floating around like lost spirits, and you don’t have to.

Everything is about your mindset, and the more you work on your inner self and nurture the fire inside of you, the more you will build. And sure, I kick my building blocks down all the time. But now I do it on purpose to get a cleaner point of view. I tend to do all the things and experiment a lot with life. It’s gets crowded sometimes, and I have to wipe the slate clean at times. But in my “past life,” my blocks were being built by other people. They kicked them down, and I allowed it. I had no control and was scared at my core.

The market doesn’t scare me, and it shouldn’t scare you either. If you are out there growing in front of the world and creating all the time, allowing failure and allowing your transitions to develop fully, then your strategies, brand identity, ideal clients, audience, and overall clarity around your business will grow and be propitious to us and more importantly to YOU. Creating stories that there are just too many coaches, artist and whoever and whatever merely is you giving up.

I believe in you, and you’re so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Think of all the stuff you’ve been through, it’s hard, but you must realize that you’re here, reading this, and it’s not a sign from the universe but a solid fact that you’re still here. As long as you’re here, you can play the game of life. So play. ☺️

Brand Identity Architect

Ps. You can’t tame a wild unicorn. If you do, well, be prepared for Armageddon! ???♥️?

Livestreaming is Hell – Or is it the best thing thing ever?!

Livestreaming is Hell – Or is it the best thing thing ever?!

My heartbeat was racing, and it seemed like I could feel every nerve and electric current in my body as I chose to GO LIVE on social media. You would have thought I was about to receive an injection at the doctor!

My last thought as the countdown began was, “I look terrible and don’t know what to say, I wish I would not have pushed this Livestream button. ugh!” There I was in front of the entire world looking like a fool and feeling less like an expert with every second. The time felt like a warp in my mind and was I breaking out in hives? “This was a mistake.” I thought as words came out of my mouth that I could not hear or process. It felt as if I was in a dream. “This is not going to be easy,” I thought.

Moreover, it has not been easy for me or anyone in the beginning. Going LIVE on any platform is difficult until we have done it many times. Just like riding a bike, you fall, and you get back up and ride again. I have seen professional actors and famous entrepreneurs show up LIVE and have awkward moments, screwups, connection issues and more! Having second thoughts and butterflies is not only for the inexperienced!

So let me tell you why you should go LIVE, how you can do it, and where you should do it.

If your brand needs more visibility livestreaming is the best way to accomplish this goal. All video shares on social media, your website, emails, and webinars, will get seen 55%+ more views than a traditional post. You can trust a company much easier when meeting the owner and Livestreams are the best way to meet people at the moment all over the world.

Traditionally the amount of “touches” it took for a sale to go through from the first moment they saw your solution online was around ten. When using Livestreaming as a communication tool on social media, the number of “touches” drops significantly to five times instead of ten! So what might have taken you ten weeks to complete a sales cycle now comes full circle in 5 weeks.

Creating relationships, driving home your critical messages of why your service or product is a solution to your ideal client is done best by video. Picture you and me in a room, and I am explaining all of this to you in person. We are drinking tea, everything chillaxed, and you are getting to know the real me, and you kind of dig my personality and are paying attention more to what I am trying to say. You see me; you are a part of my small circle while we Livestream! (It is hard not to love a unicorn) Well, the kind of experience we get closest to when it comes to an in-person meeting would be talking to our audience LIVE.

You begin to make more profits and people start to seek you out instead of the old scenario of you hunting customers down until you feel happy and relieved with your success and wait for the loop to start the hunt all over again.

You learn about yourself and start attracting ideal clients, opportunities, and authentic collaborations.

You begin to speak your truth, talk about your process, service, products, skills, and background story with ease. If Oprah shows up unannounced, you’ll be ready!

Videos get you SEEN in a congested world of “look at me! Look at me!” and you will begin to stand out and rise up in the world!

Google loves video content on your website, and with regular vlogs (video blogs) they will start moving you up the ranks!

Again, bringing someone into your immediate circle LIVE is a personalized and high-level approach to marketing and sales. People will appreciate you and no matter how fearful it feels someone watching is going to think you are a badass!

HOW + Where:

Facebook – From any smart device go to the video icon in a typical post area and click on it to be taken to the next screen to input your title, check how you look and add any tags. From here, you will press the GO LIVE button at the bottom! There is a 3-second countdown. Moreover, in the end, you have the option of posting and downloading your video to social media and your device. A ton of people watch #replays of your, and you can repurpose these videos by adding them to blogs and sending them out in emails for marketing and sales.

Instagram – You can only Livestream on this social media platform from your phone or tablet, and you have an hour to do it whereas other platforms you can stream indefinitely. You may also download your video at the end if you choose to.

Twitter – Available on your smartphone or tablet app, you choose the red and aqua Periscope Live Icon in your post. After clicking the icon, you see a screen where you can check lighting and add your title, then press the red go LIVE button! Easy peasy.

Periscope – You can access Periscope directly on their website or by clicking their aqua and red icon in the post. These people are leading the way when it comes to Livestreaming and strives to improve LIVE sharable moments globally. Facebook has always been my jam, but I am looking to up-level to Periscope immediately following this posting.

1. Try to have good lighting and invest in ring lights for your phone, tablet, and studio space. The light source should be in front of you.
2. Have a good sense of humor when it comes to being imperfect. Your phone is going to slip and fall, you may show up upside down, and your connection will fail at some point.
3. Make sure all your software and apps are always up to date! The first thing to be affected by old software is safety, audio, and app connection.
4. You can’t mess up being yourself, so please show up as you and not some alter-ego, super perfect, and “dressed to the nines” you… people want the authentic experience which is why Livestreaming is so popular.
5. Practice every week no matter what!
6. Start a list of topics, show & tells, and educational information you can start sharing with the world right now.

There is no perfect moment to begin experimenting with these Livestreaming tools for your business. It will only get you to where your going faster and isn’t that what you want?

Ready for more support with your online visibility and global brand identity? Let’s do this together! Find out more about Alley Jean and working with her 1:1 to bring your dreams to the world’s stage! Book a call with Alley Jean today to discuss your creative business goals.

Thanks for your support all these years everyone! I value you so much. Feel free to leave comments. I love them.



Brand Identity Architect, Web Designer, Online Business Strategist, Online Visibility Coach & Mentor (and unicorn)

PS. If you have any personal emotions of doubt, shame, or fear of failure… you’re need to read this POST ABOUT SHAME and how it can destroy your career.