Visibility University & Self Study Courses Opening 6.21.2017

I want you to succeed.

Ready to gain VISIBILITY in your biz?

I help people to have fun achieving things they never thought they could.  This wonderful gift of goodness that I share which will serve to enhance opportunities and
open doors in both your business and personal life!  There is more to the process of enhancing business visibility than copying someone else’s blueprint {really!}.
Over the past fifteen years, business marketing practices have changed in truly epic ways, allowing entrepreneurs a chance to have fun while creating connections with clients!
This course will make all the difference, helping you attract your ideal clients forever.  This beautifully safe and close-knit space helps you unveil energizing trade
secrets that will give you the courage to do things you never thought you could or would do. This course will allow you to create more income
than you ever thought possible while connecting you with your audience in the most unique and fun ways!

Business is supposed to be fun and though the online world is full of drab blueprints,
processes and classes, this course is totally different!

Are you an introvert?  Does the thought of sharing the*real* you feel uncomfortable even though something gifted and genius inside of you wants to climb out and yell from the mountain tops so you can help others through your products and services? If so, do not despair, I will help you to come to realize that we have all been programmed to HIDE who we really are and that everything you have learned about marketing and building professional relationships is wrong.

I invite you to take part in my course so you can shed these misplaced fears and doubts and stop spending time in areas that will not level-up your business.  As my student you will come away with a newfound creativity that spurs you forth on your own unique journey, whether that includes speaking to large groups, running retreats, going LIVE in videos or all sorts of other amazing opportunities that maybe you didn’t have the gumption to say yes to before working in this secret group. Today is a new day!

Visibility Group


This 3-week course includes LIVE weekly group calls where we learn, discuss, create, encourage, delight and hug it out virtually

– Learn to create your ideal client and manifest her path
toward finding you

– Receive information from amazing SURPRISE guest speakers that will change your energy and blow you away

– Gain access to email + private message support

– Embark on FB Live training (you can do this and your message
has a purpose!)

– Begin combining your business and personal posts,
images and videos

– Immerse yourself in this safe, secret FB group to test the waters and exercise your bravery alongside me

– Engage in weekly 60-minute LIVE closed Zoom meetings to virtually hug and talk about fears

– Weekly 60 minute LIVE close Zoom meeting to hug and talk about fears

– 90min. 1:1 video call with me to get clear on what is holding you back with personalized suggestions

– Tips, tools, files, videos for download

– Daily wild business techniques + challenges to get you visible

This class is for both the beginner & advanced entrepreneur alike

Whether you are at the beginning and afraid to even take a selfie, or you already work for the 6’oclock news station yet can’t seem to let your hair loose when it comes to your side business, this course is tailored to meet a broad range of needs.

Hear from my past students

This is life-altering in
the most Epic of times!

“OH! MY. GOSH…The power of writing things out and having it actually manifest… So, Alley had us write out exactly how our Dreamy Service scenario would unfold, so I had sent her my written idea of how this magical situation would happen… and guess what – it just happened – exactly how I’d written it!!

I have my very first paid Crystal Healing session scheduled for next weekend!!!!
So excited, and it’s with someone that I NEVER would have guessed I’d be working with! It’s a girl I went to high school with that saw my custom necklace post on my personal FB page, and she reached out about a necklace saying
she’d been in a terrible accident 2 months ago and was really needing extra healing… So I said I’d actually be in her area next weekend if she was interested
in a crystal healing session and that we could do a complimentary custom necklace discussion while I was there. And so she scheduled the session,
we will go over the necklace/crystals while I’m there, and she’s already
asking about future sessions as well! All because I’ve been more open about what I’m doing and posting about it and being seen!

Whoohoo! Guess this stuff really does work Alley

Jessica Roth

Certified Crystal Healer & Artist

“I am truly blessed to have taken Alley Jean’s visibility course. I have been on Facebook for 7 yrs. I have a personal page & biz page with a lot of “Likes”. I post several days a week and always receive comments on my personal page. However, what Alley has taught me is priceless. Especially the magic of FB Live. My videos are receiving lot’s of views. I post them in several groups and I receive lots of comments. Her sessions have been not only been educational. They are fun, interactive and she presents everything that she does with “LOVE”. If you want to see growth in your biz on FB, take her class. Not only will you have the honor of meeting a beautiful women inside and out , you will also meet all of us….away in our initial meeting. She is so creative, forward-thinking, and inquisitive. A great experience I recommend to everyone. She’s the real deal!

Susan Gala

Women’s Health Specialist

“One of my most Magical Manifestations this month was Alley Jean’s Get Wild Visibility in Business course!!! Thank You so very much Alley for sharing your Creative, Brilliant and Magical energy with me! I’m so blessed beyond words to have been given this beautiful opportunity from you and to get to know your beautiful Soul and work on a whole new level, and to have so Magically been able to share in your Magic! Your Beautiful and Soulful nature was so soothing and inspiring and even though I had a ton going on, on many levels through the whole course I learned so much (and had fun!) and got so excited and inspired about playing on SM promoting my business on a whole new level. Thank You so much for all the amazing ideas you shared with me! I’m so excited to get to them all! And we haven’t even had out one to one call yet!!

Seriously, Everyone if you haven’t yet checked out Alley Jean and her Soulful work to get your business out there….Just Do It!!!”

Alicia Kent

Love Alchemist, Paradigm Shifter & Creative Change Catalyst

“where can I begin….this course has taught me so much about myself…that it’s OK to be me. Watching you be so authentic, (yes, I stalked you also!), gave me the courage to be authentic. You taught me that people need my voice also. And, to use it. And how to use it. Your dream client worksheet was eye opening.

You are a fucking unicorn sister, and I’m honored that
we connected this lifetime. Much love.

Paula Jones

Angel Artist

When does class begin?

Although all 2017 classes have been reserved, there are no worries!  
On June 21st, 2017 the doors of the Red Unicorn Visibility school will open. This will also be known as Visibility U.  

3 distinct courses will be available to fit your lifestyle no matter where you live in the World.
If you would like to receive updates about purchasing your virtual seats when the cart opens, sign up below.

This is a highly popular course and information about the advantages of this course plus tips and tricks of the trade will be
shared as a gift to you starting May 2017, but only for those who join the VISIBLE U mailing list.


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