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At the soul level, Red Unicorn Media stands as an advocate when you feel the urge deep down to do something artistic, rebellious, original and full of courage. I help you to take that excitement you feel about the future and mold it into that special “something” you may have had a having a hard time explaining to other people (and maybe even to yourself).

As a high-viber with serious empathic abilities, I am able to tune into your frequency and really come to understand what you need to accomplish and how to get where you want to be. My positivity, ideas and bravery will inspire you to take steps toward your goals in a more confident way.

Although I love to laugh, don’t take my zest for life as a sign that I am not serious enough to handle your brand and identity.  This happiness is a sign that I am balanced, healthy, in control and ready to take on every single project whole-heartedly. Because I give so much 1:1 connect to my clients, I do not accept every entrepreneur who strolls through my message banks and this journey is not open to just anybody. It is a multi-layered, VIP experience perfected over many, many years.  Yet, it’s also a fun, unique, eye-opening journey filled with AHA moments.  Once we begin the process you will not be able to believe you ran things without me!

Custom Web Design Pkg.


– A seamless 1:1 VIP experience will leave you feeling cared for
and attended to including 24-48hr email and/or Facebook
message response time
– Development of 10-15 distinct site pages (This page count is flexible allowing for unique creative solutions)
– Professional line by line copyediting performed by *Maria*, my developmental/creative editor assures you will receive a perfectly
clean text copy
– Creation of a website strategy map for interlinked fluidity
– Collaborative approval process every step of the way
– Consistent brand identity implementation
– Up to 4 strategy meetings allowing for complete mutual clarity
– Custom headers created for each of your web pages
– Customized graphics created based on your branding
– Email optin connected to your provider (not sure what an “optin” is? It is a marketing strategy and we can talk more about this in session)
– Strategy session to discuss blog setup, email optin area, and development of a sidebar biography
– Full image optimization
– Professional backup service plus storage area *WOW*
– Plugins include:

Developers license for backups, optins and security

        – Ability to use your branding fonts

        – Web optimization

        – Full PDF summary of each plugin

– BONUS photography integration and re-touching
BONUS website course that teaches you the ins and outs of your website so you stay in charge and empowered in your brand and business. This is done with YOUR site and not a pre-recorded video I give everyone. All about you 🙂



When we work together I do not try to play with you trying to convince you to do what I think is best.  I offer a heart-centered approach and feel it is most critical to empower you to find your own voice. REFINING YOUR IDENTITY, VOICE + VISIBILITY


  • 2-4 Strategy Sessions
  • Business Questionnaire 
  • Website Map Build
  • Research
  • Inspire Sketching
  • Color Psychology
  • Call-2-Action Marketing Plan
  • Final Page Count & Wires  


  • Brand Implementation
  • Infrastructure Build 
  • User Experience 
  • Implement Call-2-Actions
  • Copy Implementation
  • Pro Editing & Grammer 
  • Interactive Mock-up
  • Testing + Finalizing Revisions


  • Launch Day Strategy Session
  • Visibility Meeting 
  • Launch Day Plan of Attack
  • Complete File Transfer
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Back-ups 
  • Security Upgrades
  • Final Migration of Your Site!
My Other Website Services

What Else?!

As you have noticed, I believe that websites serve a greater purpose than to simply look pretty.
Even after you have perfected your site, there are still plenty of products and services that can further boost your
marketing and sales while creating even MORE visibility and enhanced purpose. These additional services serve to create
a truly unique and robust site that allows you to maintain a constant voice. This is especially important since creating profitable sales.


Are you ready to allow some or all of your business to operate on auto-pilot while adding valuable free time to your schedule?  This service will add value to your site which will serve to earn you more free time. Make more money while lazing in your bed.


Have an important service or product to share? Create a customized sales page from scratch that offers your work the ultimate attention it deserves. Convert fans into dollars!

Build Your List
Email Marketing

Send love notes, create awareness through brand messaging and inform your audience about events, and programs. Add value today.


Social Media Mgt.

Tired of posting and not getting results? Does posting every day sound like a chore? 

Let Red Unicorn handle your social presence while you sit back and drink tea. I love creating relationships and sending out messages. It’s my thing! 


Facebook Ads

Do you spend a lot of time and money on Facebook ads only to find that your efforts did not convert into actual clients?  Learn how to get noticed and how to track our own ads.  This package starts with the design of 10 custom graphics along with a strategy plan and testing.



Social Media Graphics

Visibility is EVERYTHING and people today are very visually oriented and usually notice words second, which makes it critical to have a curated collection of imagery that represents YOU!  This package includes 9 custom graphics.








Increase Visibility, Awareness & Clients

Learn What It Means To Be Empowered Over Your Brand

Create Strong Messaging & Creative Identity Stories

Get Increased Traffic To Your Website

Establish and Justify Premium Rates

Look & Feel Like A Player In The Big Leagues

Stand Out From The Crowd. "OWN IT!"

Own Something Truly Unique + Original

Talk To Your Dreamy Ideal Client

Stand In Your Power

Your Time Is NOW

Support & Uplift Your Lifestyle Through Visual Credibility

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