When Your Loved Ones Dont Support Your BusinessNot feeling supported in your business.

I get it!

If you have been following this blog you recently learnt about how I managed to turn things around in one month in my business, going from $65 to $8700 as well as how I moved through the fears of being visible in my business (which was crucial for my breakthrough!).

I would love to tell you that as I was going through those hardships there was a crowd of family members and friends cheering me on and picking me up every single day that I felt I was falling apart.

There wasn’t.

My business was in the very beginning stages, it barely made sense to others what I was doing and combined with the lack of income it was generating, I did not find support and encouragement from the ones I needed to hear most.

Understandable thou. I was venturing into something new and making sense of things as I was going through them. 

On today’s video I’m sharing with you exactly how MY different approach to the situation completely turned things around (again!) and still without a huge breakthrough financial wise, I got to see family members  transform before my eyes and become one of my most dedicated fans and supporters.

Hit play and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


With love, hugs and unicorn kisses!




When Your Loved Ones Don't Support Your Business - Red Unicorn MediaWhen Your Loved Ones Don't Support Your Business - Red Unicorn Media