My Process is Unique,

Creative & Heart-Focused.

We co-create your dream together every single step of the way!


Success Driven.

Finding the right person to manage and co-create your brand identity, website, or advertising services can be a difficult decision. Working with Alley Jean is a process like no other. She is patient and ready to listen to your desires while educating you along the way at the appropriate moments using her 18+ years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising and creative work. She specializes in new businesses and will pull out your creativity and confidence in a way which will empower you and surprise the hell out of you. She believes you have the answers to everything you want in life and has gone from a total zero to a hero. She understands what it is like to be at the beginning of something that has been building inside our souls like a fire! Alley Jean thrives on passing on the goodness and finding the best traits and skills your unique dream represents so you can finally begin loving to work instead of working to live. She will treat you completely uniquely and with honor as if it is her own dreams and set you on a path that you run. She will not tell you what to do because everything is co-created together with you. This is a journey that will pay for itself financially and soulfully many times over. Embark on your next steps in the entrepreneurial world with her and figure out how to start rising! It will be a fun and heartfelt experience, sprinkled with lots of creativity and aha moments. Book your consultation below!

There is a four-stage process:

1.) Interview, Research, and Audience work. 

2.) Creation, Critique, and Creative work. i.e., website wires, sketches, palettes, logos.

3.) Implementation, Testing, and Finalization with Final Deliverables.

4.) Follow-ups and Tweaking.

>>> All stages are completed with the highest level of communication within Asana my project management system. We communicate within there, through email, private messengers, phone and video conference to ensure we are always on the same page. You are a top priority and will feel this way from beginning to end.


Schedule a great time to meet with me *virtually* through Zoom video conferencing.
I can't wait to see you and discuss all the successful possibilities!

Ready to get to work? 

The very first step involves seeing whether you are a good fit for this unique journey and process. By scheduling an “in-person” video conference with me, we will have a chance to talk about your goals for the future, what you are looking to accomplish this year and your budget considerations. If the energy feels right and we both feel mutually inspired by your dreams, I will let you know during this meeting and we will schedule your project into my studio calendar. If you are ready to take your business life to an entirely elevated level, let’s meet.

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