Visibility is a confusing topic for many people, and today, I want to clear that up for you.

Some important things you should know about visibility is it’s about being your true self in the open. Secondly, it’s about getting out there in the open. Ha!

Visibility is NOT: 

  • Just going LIVE
  • Only about logos or graphics
  • Telling your story over and over
  • Collaborating and connecting people to you and your brand
  • Just selling your products and services
  • Starting a podcast
  • Recording videos
  • Creating a webinar
  • Starting an email campaign
  • Wiring a post on social media
  • Writing a book
  • Beginning a course
  • Interviewing people
  • Joining groups and clubs

Visibility is a multi-faceted unique combination of any or even ALL of these things!

It’s all about experimenting!

Don’t fear being judged. Fear not showing up; because that will kill any business these days.

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Strategy in your branding, sales, and marketing are not the same as they were even 10-years ago!

To find out what works best for you, test and try things out!

Be a “mad scientist” adding and replacing the ingredients to your business like the tallest most fabulous layer cake you have ever baked!


Add in a layer and if it tastes good to you and your audience, great! If it doesn’t, no biggie, replace it with an alternate flavor.

The thing I have found is I can genuinely be myself now without my inner voice giving me shit.

And life is much more relaxing and fruitful! Yay!

So, how are you being perceived? Or should I say, how are you sharing yourself with the world these days?

Sometimes, we all feel like a hot mess and don’t want to show up for the world. But what we don’t realize is those are the moments you should be sharing yourself the MOST! It is a visibility secret. How do you think celebrities become celebrities? It isn’t by hiding and staying away from the public eyes. It is sharing their gifts every single day, good, bad, hot mess or badass!


When I worked at US Weekly, our hottest area of the magazine was called, “Celebrities Are Just Like Us!” and it showed photographs of them on their most authentic days. Spilling coffee on their shirts, tired mamas, tripping in the street, wearing not so celebrity fashion and so on. People ADORED IT!

When you share everything with your audience, you release these fears and overcome the blocks, which will truly heal you.

Lately, I have been a little more chill, which is a beautiful and more natural transition that’s taken hold in 2019.

I show up with or without make-up,
relaxed in jeans and a t-shirt.
And the funny thing is, usually, that is me… chill and comfy cozy.


I just want to be super clear here that it doesn’t have to be one thing or another, and no one recipe will work for you all the time. You can’t copy or buy your recipe done for you. And, sometimes the best methods don’t work anymore either, and you have to make up a new one.

It’s truly all about what works for YOU!
And feel free to change and evolve as you go.

There have been times I have gotten rid of strategies only to revisit them years later realizing it did work but needed a small tweak to become reliable! That just happened recently and was a considerable aha throwing sparkles in the air moment!!!!

Remember, you get to decide what you want to share!

And most importantly,


Alley Jean
Alley Jean

Alley Jean believes your spark is worth turning into an inferno of creative love and expression for the entire world to see.

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